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Richard H. Perry has spent years as a "Watchman." He has very revealing and timely information to share. Everyone senses the times are changing. Many religions are expecting their "messiah" to be revealed in our lifetimes. But who... more

Nora Lease knows alot about life. As the mother of eleven children, ages 1- 21, she knows children are truly a blessing even in the case of rape. But to her horror even family didn't quite see her pregnancy from rape that way, though they do... more

Rozalie Jerome, producer of Crossroads tv program shares about the upcoming Holocaust March of Remembrance and what happened last year. Introducing Anna Slaugh Richey as the new... more

Michelle Carmela,Founder/Director of Once Upon An Eden born into a Mafia family, escaped severe abuse and human exploitation. For more than 26 years, she has helped many people leave abusive situations within organized... more

Brandi and Chad Baker are rescuing babies in their earliest beginnings- their embryonic stage. Each embryo is a person with a completely unique set of DNA. Couples having trouble conceiving as a last resort us IVF and have too many... more

As we recognize President's Day it would seem strange to interview a once Chinese national. But as our country morphs into something our founders wouldn't recognize it is important to listen to those who have been down that same road.... more

Today Juda, Pam and Tamara will be talking about true sacrificial love on a day that "love" is celebrated. Valentine's day is synomous with candy and roses but real love goes far beyond. We'll be talking to and about women who show... more

Introducing Tamara Scott former talk show host of Truth For Our Times as a new cohost of Consider This. Tamara is the Iowa State Director for Concerned Women for America and is currently lobbying for pro family and pro life. She also... more

Overwhelmed! As a Teenager AND a Single Mom, Jennifer Barnes Maggio was Overwhelmed! But God showed Himself Faithful to her and NOW Jennifer has a ministry to other Single Moms. Jennifer has ALSO created a program for... more

Boy Scouts, Abortion 40 years later, Cap n Trade, Obama Care and anything you want to talk about.
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