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Consider This

Consider This


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Child "protective" services acts criminally in so many states. So much revenue is generated when children are removed from their homes. I've personally seen several cases where babies were taken from mothers with no evidence of abuse... more

1st Hour: Army soldier Patricia Lawrence wanted to serve her country, save lives and defend against the enemy. Little did she know the battle would be her very own fight for life. A story of victory in the worst of battles. 2nd Hour:... more

Mothers who conceived in rape are being blackmailed by rapist-"drop the charges or I'll file for parental rights." Our legal system is failing victims by not believing mothers, treating them like criminals and giving rapists rights instead of jail... more

Former homosexuals Debra Gauthier, Terry Abood and Pete Kleckner share their life altering relationship with Christ and share the real "gay" (Webster: keenly alive and exuberant) lifestyle. Both Debra and Terry are authors and will each give... more

This show is dedicated to the brave mothers who fought against society and even family to save the lives of their babies conceived in rape. Hear what women endure to bring their precious babies into this world. As we honor mothers this... more

Monica Cline was a consultant for Planned Parenthood and went to middle and high schools to discuss sexuality. You'll be shocked to hear what kinds of things were discussed with your children and why she is telling all.

We all know the famous pro life picture of Baby Malachi. Horrible to witness as a picture but imagine seeing him in person. Jammey Tellier was ony 14 when she not only saw him but held him. Hear her intense story of being in a rescue... more

Consider This: A black woman is pregnant is 1974, a year after Roe v Wade is passed for abortion on demand. She has no desire to have an abortion but doctors are pushing her to kill her baby because of an ectopic pregnancy. She... more

Nora Lease knows alot about life. As the mother of eleven children, ages 1- 21, she knows children are truly a blessing even in the case of rape. But to her horror even family didn't quite see her pregnancy from rape that way, though they do... more

Michelle Carmela,Founder/Director of Once Upon An Eden born into a Mafia family, escaped severe abuse and human exploitation. For more than 26 years, she has helped many people leave abusive situations within organized... more
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