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Blog Talk had a glitch and so we had to do part 2 Thank you to Pat Lawrence and Teresa Carpenter. Hero moms who have great sons for choosing life. No regrets for either of these women who are now both grandmothers

1st Hour: Army soldier Patricia Lawrence wanted to serve her country, save lives and defend against the enemy. Little did she know the battle would be her very own fight for life. A story of victory in the worst of battles. 2nd Hour:... more

Nicholas Thalasinos was a good man gunned down one day after he was threatened in a FB message.Nick was continually getting threats on his life but like most of us we think nothing more than idle threats. Many thought he was... more

Holidays are great for most but for some it's the worst time of their life. Dealing with offenses, rejection and feelings of worthlessness can be life threatening. Juda and Pam discuss ways that are sure to make life better for anyone facing... more

Mothers who conceived in rape are being blackmailed by rapist-"drop the charges or I'll file for parental rights." Our legal system is failing victims by not believing mothers, treating them like criminals and giving rapists rights instead of jail... more

Words don't mean what they used to. Are you finding yourself confused by what people say they believe and what they are actually doing? This discussion is about what it truly means to be prolife and Christian and where people have... more

Healing comes in all kinds of ways. Some people are healed through essential oils while others through herbs and plants. Some are healed with the help of doctors. God is not in a box and let's humans participate in healing at time and... more

Jennifer Maggio and Lori Little are to amazing women who have risen above personal struggles to not only become successful in their own lives but are giving other women and families opportunities to succeed through Christ. Jennifer is... more

The world is changing rapidly. One clear change is accessiblity to the entire world. We can learn from each other much better than ever before. We are able to look at history and look at current happenings to get a good look at what... more

When asked if rapists should have parental rights the answer is a resounding NO from most people. But 31 states ten years ago had laws giving rapists parental rights. Today there are 21 because of moms who fought back and changed... more
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