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Conserve Our Nation

Conserve Our Nation


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Nick Morpus, the Conservative voice brings this nation's current events to light through the eyes of the next generation.

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"We have to ban this gun, we have to do it for the kids" "Everyone needs to pay their fair share" "The planet is warming!" Every minute of every hour of every day, the American people are bombarded with politically correct nonsense, but why... more

It has now been only two months since the 2012 Election and already our liberties as American citizens are under assault by a corrupt Washington DC. Taxes are being raised, questions disarmament are circulating, lies are flying left and right,... more

Barack H. Obama won his reelection in 2012, but not without consequences. I learned a lot this election and what it's results tell me, where we are headed and what we will become. What is that you say? Lets just say, it will be liberal failure... more

On September 11th, 2012, our embassy was stormed and four Americans were killed on sovereign soil, one of them being our ambassador Christopher Stevens. Since then we have heard excuses and stories that conflict each other from the... more

For the past four years I have sat and listened to Obama reiterate the lie that the policies of the past administration caused the recession due to tax cuts and deregulation on President George W. Bush's part. In this episode I intend to... more

The road to disaster is paved with good intentions. That is the key of liberalism, it is judged on it's intentions, not of it's outcomes, built on emotions, not embedded in reality and logic. In this episode we will be discussing the... more

The Obama Campaign has been spending all of it's time talking about Romney, his debate "lies", and Big Bird for the past week. Who really knows Obama's plan though? In this episode I will be discussing and revealing the flaws in the logic... more

First episode of the show. Discussion into the liberal media bias focusing on ties between MSNBC, Media Matters, and the Obama White House So don't miss the first episode of the talk that drives liberals to insanity. Join me, your host Nick,... more