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The Conservative Union Talks

The Conservative Union Talks


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Today the "fix" of Healthcare.gov was released, and promptly crashed. Obamacare and the website have failed, and will continue to do so. The laws of economics and human nature will not support any other end. The only question... more

Rather than try to find a cohesive theme tying together multiple stories, this week it's just going to be a bit random. There are quite a few newsworthy things going on, most of them seemingly designed to make us insane or at least dejected. I... more

Many tactics support a few strategies which help accomplish the goal. What's the current state of play, how are we doing? Actually - quite well! Let's step back and have a look. Tactically we're working multiple angles, and they may seem in... more

Typhoon Haiyan It hit the Philippines hard, assistance is just now beginning. Text TYPHOON to 80888 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army and reply YES to confirm your donation. The organization uses 100% of all disaster donations in... more

Until we are past the elections of November 2014, we must maintain our focus on Overcoming Obamacare. The Democrats will do everything they can to distract us. The GOP Establishment will perhaps also try to distract us, but we have... more

Prepping and the Free Market Let's dispense with the doom and gloom and discuss how to respond to the craziness going on without being infected by it. What actions can you take? How can you live your best life when all around you... more

Shake It Off, On to the Next Battle As expected, Obamacare survives, and the Government restarted. Some call it a huge loss for the Tea Party. I do not. It was a clarifying loss. We learn, we get better, and we move on to the next battle.... more

Steve Lonegan for NJ Senate Did you know that in two days there's a chance to get another GOPer in the US Senate? Lonegan for Senate special election vs. Pathological Liar Cory "Hollywood" Booker. Also, the Shutdown continues,... more

Shutdown Theater The Government shutdown. Negotiations are not happening, or may be beginning to happen. What is the impact in the real world? 17% shutdown, that's all How is the shutdown being implemented? Unevenly,... more

Rally Round the Flag, Boys! This past week saw the Cruz filibuster in the Senate, and the House standing firm to Defund, Delay, Derail Obamacare. We're on the brink of a "shutdown" - and I think it's giving our troops a rallying point. We'll talk... more