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Talking with people that want to talk, me venting about what happened tonight. calls are welcome. Could use some people to talk to

A continuation of the first hour

We will be listening to music, chatting it up, and talking about whatever I want or you want. Just a time to relax

In this special episode of Conservative T & T, I will go over how and why our rights are being violated by this Congress and President, talk more on why the Congress has no authority to pass health care reform, and for the first time,... more

On this recorded edition of Conservative T & T (NO CALLS PLEASE) I will be going through some of the news out there. I will also talk a little more on abortion in the health care bill, and abortion in general in this edition. I know I... more

Tonight on this special weekend edition of Conservative T & T, we will talk more about health care if we have time, but will spend most of the time of talking about what will be in the Texas textbooks, which have a HUGE effect on what other... more

Tonight on this special edition of Conservative T & T Weekend, we will talk about abortion as it pertains to this health care bill, and what did Henry Waxman tell Bart Stupak about abortion? Also, Tiger is making a comeback, and do we... more

Tonight on Conservative T & T, we will look at what is going on with the Democrats and why they seem to be imploding from within, the Pentagon blames the internet in the Christmas Day bombing, more polls that will probably... more

Tonight on Conservative T & T, the War on Drudge, Rep. Massa gets down right humiliated by Beck on Fox News, Larry King somehow upstages Beck with the humiliating, and new Obama poll numbers show the ship is sinking. This and... more

On this episode of Conservative T & T, we will talk a little more about the school system, explicitly the college system and how much the prices are going up year by year. Also, why is thinking for yourself a bad thing these days? In the... more
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