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- Tonight's top guest is Syndicated Columnist Cal Thomas to talk about his brand new book, "What Works" Cal is always entertaining and always compelling to what is going on in politics and the Culture. Cal will be joining me in the 7pm... more

We'll discuss the latest on the Bundy Ranch and my latest articles on Common Core, The GA12 race and the Kentucky Senate Race plus my conversation with Matt Bevin. Guest Line up: -Dean Clancy from Freedomworks joins us... more

Join Conservative Report LIVE!! Founder Patrick Read & guests: James King, Keith the Ranger & Alan of American Journal featuring the following topic: Cliven Bundy & The Bundy Ranch: It's All About Our Rights here Nancy Pelosi Starts... more

Guests on tonight's show: Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association stops by to reveal the shocking news on how the Southern Baptist Convention is dealing with the Marriage Issue and how they plan on giving up on defending... more

7pm. Dr. Brian Mattson joins us to discuss the movie Noah and the message that Aronofsky was trying to put forward. Pam Stenzel who's a pro-life activist conceived from rape when her mother was 15 joins me to discuss Life issues... more

Today, Conservative Report attended the House Intelligence Committee in order to cover Mike Morell's testimony regarding the terrorist attack on Americans in Benghazi, for which there still has yet to be a military response (1 year, 7... more

A Tsunami of Bankrupting Debt with More Dependents and Less Revenue Religion Abridged, Obamacare less Russia on the March, Unabridged - Sends Dangerous Message to Ireland and Israel Blog Wars: 4G Warfare, the Storm... more

7pm. We'll hear from Laura Ingraham on Amnesty with her interview with Renee Elmers. We'll also hear from Mark Levin on the latest smear from Rove against Representative Jolly in Florida. The disturbing developments regarding the... more

Malaysia Prime Minister announced that Flight M370 could have crashed into the Indian Ocean. Cold War II -- Brazil, Russia, India, China & Your World Wide Web Data Globalized Russia & Washington D.C.: The Dysfunctional Couple of Hate... more
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