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The discussion today is going to be centered around Islam, and that invasion into this country and like I have said before, it is an invasion. And like any invasion, they look for the easiest way in. Hence, the illegal immigration part of this. Open borders. And a few subjects off that subject, as to why Making America Great Again is such a symbol of the left of fascism and nazism, when it really isn't. What is driving the left on these issues? Hopefully we can get Cathy Hinners on to fill us in on these issues?
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This week has been interesting to say the least. The woman who accused Judge Roy Moore came out and said that she faked the signature that was in her year book, Al Franken said he is retiring, but that remains to be seen. I think it is... more

the world of what is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong is gone. Now we have what we all know is wrong, the left and the media touts as right, and what we know is right, the media and the left touts as wrong. What is going on... more

This is going to be a special show. We are tired of everyone on the left talking against this country. Tearing her down. Join us for this celebration of America. Join us for this celebration of American liberty. And how the American people... more

The problem with ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER and all these other groups of Snowflakes and wannabes is that they are filled with the ranks of children who were raised with no discipline and order in their lives. So, they are chained to... more

Sharia Law. Learn why the Constitution and Sharia Law are not compatible. Why women who go to Sharia thinking they will suddenly be freer than here, find out too late they aren't. Propoganda and lies that are told, and why we need to be... more

With everything that President Trump is doing, the democrats are running around like they are in charge of everything, saying that Donald Trump deserves nothing but impeachment. The trouble is, if the people don't realize what is going on... more

What is the High Incident Project? What is going on in our government? Why are the laws of the land ignored by the liberal left and shunned by some on the right? What do we have to do to bring America back to being great? One thing is, is to... more

More on the continuing decay of America. How Americans who are traditional patriotic Americans need to stand up and fight for our cause. Make no mistake, the democrats are. They get a two member majority and we had better be... more

It seems that we are in the midst of a war. A war that the liberal left has waged against America. Today you will find people who are waging that war against all of us Traditional Americans who love this country. Join us and call in. Help... more