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Due to time constraints last week this show was resechuled to the 17th. Sorry for the inconvenience. The democrats have shown us totally that they are not afraid to say they are in charge of our government. They are pushing for that fact. And my friends it is really up to us now if we want to stop this invasion of the United States in a different way than I have been talking about. The democrats are in destruction mode and their target is the American people and America itself. Be aware the end is on the way if we don't stop them.
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Give a listen to the show tonight...as we bring you the reasons that America is struggling so much. From the Demon-rats who will not do what their oath of office said they must to the Republicans who won't do what they were elected for... more

How long does it take for a normal person to figure out that what they are doing is what the people want? Usually not long at all. But I have watched the republicans balk at what they should be doing because the media and the... more

As the democrats continue their stupidity, telling us they want border security, but they only want to continue with failed practices of the past show us they don't. Trump keeps getting investigated, on our dime mind you, and they are... more

I goofed...and only put 15 minutes for the show...so I am restarting it now.

this week, just like last week was not a good one for the "good ole USA" but if we look at it, we put ourselves there by electing so many democrats, who by the way told us what they were going to do. We just didn't listen...Or we just didn't... more

The week in review. The highlights of the week and commentary on what it all means. Today's NWCR Radio is on at 6 pm eastern time today

Thursday was Thanksgiving. The Day where we give thanks for this nation, for God and For our Freedoms. And of course the food in our Tummy's. But what we have to realize here, my friends, is that the America that we all love is being... more

The election was not as we had hoped, but the democrats didn't take everything. As a matter of fact they only took the House.....but the people have got to realize that voting them into office is going to do nothing good for this country. Listen... more