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America needs all the help she can get. The Republicans won't do what they promised because even though those promises got them elected in massive numbers, they are afraid that they will make the democrats and the American people mad if they do. I know, it doesn't make any sense but that is how they roll. It is time to change that like Reagan did, and change the party. I am not for a third party, never have been but think the way to do it is to change the Republicans back to what they were before liberalism started to infiltrate them. Who's with me? As for "it shouldn't be long now," Duke Brooks the leader of Conservative Nation Media told me that we would be back after the election. So, hoping that is going to be soon, as I feel we need to be back so we can work to help America again. Keep your fingers crossed folks. If it doesn't happen soon, I will start up my premium show again and do it on my own. The word needs to get out.
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