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Conservative Nation Radio is dedicated to bringing you real Conservative talk shows with topics you won't commonly find in the main stream media.

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Last week was the first NWCR show for a few years, and last week was also the first show sponsored and brought to you by Conservative Nation Media in three years. Both NWCR and CNM are back. Give a listen to this week's show as we bring you the latest in schenanigans coming from the democrats, or the Russians, as the media and the democrats say. Listen in and call to be on the show. We are working on having a guest for the show which will be announced if we get them.
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On-Demand Episodes

Conservative Nation Media is back. Starting with the New Wise Conservatism Radio Show. Give a listen my friends. We are doing our best to be the same as we once were when Conservative Nation Media was strong and going. Give a... more

Do any of us really know what our government is doing? Do we know what is happening to our great country? It isn't good I can guarantee you that. Listen for the latest dose of truth to counter the lies told by Obama and the socialist leftists.

Stay tuned for more of the NWCR lie busting show exposing liberal lies, and republican ones too. Saving America is our goal.

We here at NWCR have been working on getting guests onto our show. I have sent invitations to Mike Pence of Indiana, and got turned down on that one because he said he couldn't do it at the time I was requesting. I returned that... more

One question pervails. WHY? Why are we doing what we are doing after this last landslide victory? Why are we still losers? And the news too

America needs all the help she can get. The Republicans won't do what they promised because even though those promises got them elected in massive numbers, they are afraid that they will make the democrats and the American... more

The Republicans won the last election, the democrats don't care. Especially Obama. He has vowed to make the next several years the worst that America has ever had, in a very childish tantrum to punish the American people for voting... more

The nation's enemies here in America are doing their level best to stop this nation's economy dead in it's tracks, even through people like Barack Obama keeps telling us he is working hard to bring back the prosperity that America... more

So you still listening to the lies and distortions by the media? CNN, MSNBC and others who are doing their best to make us think the republicans are out to destroy America? Get a dose of the truth. Join us for the next NWCR show here... more