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President Trump is doing what he said he would when he campaigned for the office. that used to me that both parties would tolerate him and help him. But in today's America, the demoncrats will only help a president if he is one of theirs. President Trump is definitely not one of theirs. Maxine Waters always screams for impeachment. Others on the left too. Even though the main part of the democrat party is now saying it will hurt them to continue down that road. But are they listening even to their party? No. So, what can be done now? I have the answer for that one.
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What will it take to save America from the demise that Democrats have put on us? Well, for one, stop voting for the politicians that want to make a career out of destroying this nation. And I can name quite a few. Nancy Pelosi. Diane... more

America has always been, since it's inception the most giving, the most helpful nation on earth, and we have been prosperous enough to do all this. We have made the world safer by upending Nazi Germany and Hitler, we have made the... more

We are going to have a good show today, hopefully. Bing Fisher of American By Design fame, is back with us today, and he has consented to be our guest today on our show. Discussions of current events, with insightful thoughts from... more

America is the greatest nation this world has ever seen. We are also the one nation that has spawned a lot of hate of us even from our own leaders. Why is this? I have studied what has been going on in America for some time now, and... more

YOu listen to the mainstream lying media and all you hear are lies and distortions of the truth. Trump has been changing that. Trump is a powerful man, as one person said, but HE IS JUST ONE MAN. Against the "good ole boys" club in... more

I sorry to tell you liberals this, and I am sorry to tell the establishment republicans this, but what is wrong with America today is not, and let me repeat this, not the way America was founded. As a matter of fact, most of America's ills would go... more

Last week as I was getting ready to do this show, I finally found a way to get my MacBook Pro working fast again, and worked all day to get it. By the time I realized I didn't have anything set for the show, it was too late to do so, so, I... more

At the intersection of policy, history and politics, moving slowly toward the bright light of day, is The New Wise Conservatism Radio Show. We are here to give you that bright light of day, from the darkness of Liberalism. What is going on,... more

The constitutution is very straight on what it says about the rights of the people, and the role of the government. The liberal left, on the other hand has been working overtime to get rid of our rights, while keeping theirs. They want us all... more