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The national debt is destroying this nation. But the politicians want to spend spend spend even more. Where is the money coming from? You and I my friends. You and I.
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The lamestream lying media won't tell you the truth. You hear how muslims are your friends......not true....you hear how Tlaib Rashida in our government is there for you. NO she is not. You hear how socialism is just what this country... more

Hello, everyone, out there in Blog Talk Radio Land! this is your host and friend, DJ Southeast Vince, coming at you from a place called Durham, NC, and this is Black By Color Only on CNM Radio. On this show, I will discuss current events... more

Hey, folks, welcome to Black By Color Only, where the truth matters more than skin color. On this program, I'll dig into current events and issues that affect black communities. I will take on the Apostles of Blackness in an effort to expose the... more

It seems the truth is something that the left would want you to believe is something that is unattainable to anyone bu them. but the Truth they speak started out as a lie and is still a lie. Join us for another fact filled show.......her... more

Even the liberal left has their ideas about what will make this country better and less troubling....but the sad part is.....they are wrong too. ARE WE TROUBLED BECAUSE OF OUR IDEALS? NO. The Following of the laws and the... more

We will try this one again. Hopefully Douglas V. Gbbs will be able to be with us for a lesson on our Constitution. Join us for a great informative show on the founding Document.

And the people have got to be told of these things. This week I was going to have a discussion on the Constitution with a good friend of mine from California, as he is the foremost expert that I know of on the Constitution, but he had... more

The Constitution lays out, in plain englinsh what constitutes the reasons for Impeachment. And the democrats almost to a person are saying they need to file papers for the Impeachment of President Trump. What for? There were no "high... more

Good day, folks, and welcome to Black by Color Only, the show where I discuss current events and issues that affect the black community. On today's show, I will discuss the lack of proper parenting in the black community and how it affects... more