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Greetings all Americans !!!! This page is dedicated to all Americans out there who seek the truth and knowledge about there world around them.

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Obama Vs. O'Reilly, Hannity Vs. A Radical Imam, Chris Matthews losing what small mind he has, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

We take a look at the Liberal agenda that led up to the Housing and Mortgage crisis. See how Barney Frank and the liberal agenda caused the meltdown and how they denied the truth and blamed everyone but themselves. We want to... more

Finally will finish the State of the Union.

State of the Union thoughts and other left wing misrepresentations

Continuation of why Obama wasted my time with the State of the Union. We will explore my views and those of some prominent Americans. We also have a good dose of Dingy Harry and the talking heads.

Discussin of the State of the Union, a terrible speech, liberal reponses and our ever favorite Al Sharpton.

Host Rick Howland a Conservativefreedomusa.com Contributor and local business man is in the studio today covering topics from A. Philip Randolph, Bacon's Rebellion, and Martin Luther King Jr. Listen in and enjoy the Holiday. <

We will discuss the idea of what should Americans really be concerned about as a Major Threat to the Country. Is it the Economy or something Else? We will talk about our ideas about raising the debt ceiling.

We will review the deficit issue wih obamacare and review the presidents speech last night. I had hoped he would not make it political, but I am niave to think he would do a memorial. By the way, when will God be mentioned or prayed to... more

We will explore what to do with Obamacare in order to get it repealed and will continue to put pieces together about the Tucson Tragedy.
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