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Awakening the Consciousness

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I want to thank my guests and listeners out there for supporting me on my journey and listening to our shows. The previous shows on Linda's Lounge are about Real People with Real Passion for what they do. They share their gift with humanity. As you can see I have changed the name of the show. Change and growth is a constant. I am back and loving the interviews with amazing guests who love what they do and are assisting humanity with their service. We will be providing insights, modalities and ways to look at how one is creating their reality. My intention for this show is to have you see your truth, empower you from that place to awaken and raise your consciousness. My mission & commitment is to help people to get into a different space by helping them to raise their vibration by shifting their thoughts, be in a good feeling space and align with Source to receive all that you desire. You must first seek the journey within yourself to be able to start to see the difference in your life/the world. Shift your vibration and you shift your life/the world. I invite you to call in to the show and shift your vibration. We look forward to making a difference in your life and hearing from you! Be sure to follow me on Blog Talk, FB, Youtube channels "Linda Summers & Conscious Awareness TV," Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, Sound Cloud and Pinterest! Namaste

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I would like to welcome Hugo Bidarra to the show! Hugo will sharing with us about astrological readings and what he offers to guide people on their journey. He can clarify many areas like the personal characteristics, how one deals daily with themselves, how the connection is with the material, abundance, about how the communication level is in the relationship with family and friends, issues connected with work, career, projects, issues connected with health and solutions a person can choose to have more success and feel more happiness in their own path. In his consultations he talks a little about the past so that there is a better understanding of their present life and to see what they can change or not change for the next year and upcoming years and what is their life purpose is. The idea is to be more conscious of your own gifts, your strong points and to discover what you can change to improve oneself to feel more in harmony and be happy in there life. Tune in to find out how Hugo can give you clarity in the different areas of your life by listening in at www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio or you can listen in by dialing (847) 850-8423.
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On-Demand Episodes

I would like to welcome Vicki Murphy to the show! Vicki will be speaking with us about energy work and why it is so effective and necessary in order to create what you want. If you experience blockages, from current or Past Lives,... more

I would like to welcome Juliette Wallen to the show! Juliette is the President of ?Worlds Biggest Dream Board.? She will be sharing with us about her 5 years of sharing dreams online the anxiety behind sharing a dream and what happens... more

I would like to welcome Jesse Webb to our show! Jesse will be sharing with us The Cosmic Family Reunion. It is about waking up and remembering who we really are. We are multidimensional cosmic beings, here having a physical... more

I would like to welcome Nichola Sherlock to the show! Nichola takes the open hearted woman on magical journeys of self-discovery, where blocks are cleared, messages from spirit and/or departed loved ones are received, healing happens... more

I would like to welcome Hans & Cindy, Experts in the Video Production Industry to our show! Hans & Cindy will be sharing with us how to use video in your business in a conscious way to make a bigger difference in the world. They will also... more

I would like to welcome Debbie Lichter to the show! Debbie will be sharing the #1 Reason why most women can't break the binge cycle, 3 keys to having a healthy relationship with food and the secret to feeling confident and making healthy... more

This show is about ?Faith?. It's in the not knowing but knowing. Our guests wish to be unidentified as he is a public figure. You must ask yourself, ?what am I willing to accept?? Make self worthy for the doors to open and things to... more

I would like to welcome Robin Treasure, a Wellness Strategist to our show! Robin will share with us her experience with fatigue and stress and how she came to specialize in these areas. She will also be giving tips on how to increase our... more

This show is about how and what it means to connect to consciousness. Our guests wish to be unidentified as he is a public figure. He will be talking about what it means to ascend to consciousness. He will also be sharing with you his... more