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Awakening the Consciousness

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I want to thank my guests and listeners out there for supporting me and listening to my shows. Conscious Talk Radio is about shifting the consciousness and bringing awareness. I would love to invite you to take a journey on exploration into "Relationships" with guest experts in the field of Relationships in all aspects beginning with the SELF and what that looks like. My guests will be bringing enormous insights to you. How we are connected to ourselves is a direct reflection of how we are connected to Source, others and life! My intention for this show is to have you see your truth, awaken, empower you from that place to bring awareness, raise your consciousness so you can have profound relationships beginning with yourself. You must first seek the journey within yourself to be able to start to see the difference in your life/the world. Shift your vibration and you shift your life/the world. I invite you to call in to the show and shift your vibration. We look forward to making a difference in your life and hearing from you! Be sure to follow me on Blog Talk, FB, Youtube channels "Linda Summers & Conscious Awareness TV," Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblrand Pinterest! Namaste It is my desire to bring true connection and awareness to humanity in the area of relationships. Much Love to all of you! Linda

On-Demand Episodes

I would like to welcome Sherry Hopson, internationally known Psychic Medium on our show 10/15/17 at 12:00 pm PST! Sherry will discuss our Soul Memories. There are different ways that they can affect us, at times they serve us to easily... more

I would like to welcome Ted Winslow to the show! Ted has developed a new technology which has been scientifically proven to raise your vibration, lower your stress anxiety levels as well as energize you through a variety of traditional... more

I would like to welcome Linda Kennedy, Fitness and Nutrition Coach to the show! Linda says, ?We are all blessed with the power of choice.? We are making choices all the time, whether they be conscious or unconscious, with respect to... more

I would like to welcome Shawn Roop to the show! The topic is ?Living a Life Well Lived. The Other Side of Tantra!? Want to understand the "more" about Tantra, beyond just the sexy techniques? Shawn Roop is a holder of an ancient system... more

I would like to welcome Adrienne Blumberg to the show! Adrienne is going to be sharing with us about ?What is respect and Commitment.? She talks about respect is a quality that everyone wants but yet doesn't know how to give.... more

I would like to welcome Laura McGee, divorce coach and mediator, and Laurie Itkin, financial advisor and certified divorce financial analyst, to the show! Over the next 30 minutes, Laurie and Laura will share tips on how to save thousands of... more

I would like to welcome Brooke Turnbull to the show! Brooke coaches parents helping them with their children, people with business, helping people smash their blocks including money & confidence blocks. She is very empathetic & people... more

I would like to welcome Eva Fernandez to the show! Eva will be sharing with us how women/people avoid personal power & possibility by avoiding full connection with Self, Others & Source. When we are fully connected, present and in... more

I would like to welcome David Perez to the show! David will be sharing with us how he learned to surrender his ego , look past all the negative to forgive, to start to understand her needs and how she communicates. To look beyond his... more

I would like to welcome Elisa Joy Torres to the show! Elisa has the gift of showing you your innate wisdom to find your divinely inspired power in your own family. Elisa has become known as an effective family strategist who helps parents and... more