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Reverend Irma Carew

Conscious Living Today


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Author and Spiritual Consultant, Reverend Irma Carew shares wisdom and commentary on life in the 21st century

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Distractions. You can make a fortune if you know how to keep people distracted. Distractions. It's been keeping us going since the first man looked up at the sky and realized "I'm here. Now what?" Lecture by Reverend Irma Carew

The Presidential election is just a few days away. When choosing a candidate, I believe the most important quality to look for is compassion. Ultimately, the ruler of a human country should and must be a humanitarian. Underneath... more

Dedicated to the Holy Spirit within us. Rejoice and awaken to the Glory of human creation. Music performed by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir features the opening song: The Morning Breaks, The Shadows Flee More Holiness Give Me and the... more

We hear a voice in our head and we assume it speaks truth. We experience an impulse to do something. We imagine something in our mind, a poem, a song, a drawing or painting, perhaps a sculpture. We may even "see" a formula that... more

We think we act from free will, yet our actions are influenced by our perceptions, ideas, thoughts and feelings. We are controlled by our impulses and desires. Because we are controlled we are not truly FREE, and we are not truly... more

Are we inherently evil as some religions claim, or is there another reason we look to violence to solve our conflicts? Call (858) 956-3211 To be part of the discussion.

There is more to life than what we can experience with the 5 senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. So why are we so reluctant to look beyond these 5 senses and utilize all of our awarenes Part two of the lecture series: Conscious... more

Join me for a half hour of enlightenment as we journey into the light within and awaken to higher awareness and our own divinity. Because we are more than human. We are God made flesh. -Reverend Irma Carew

Balance. What does it mean to be balanced? Why do we choose the limitations of absolute thinking? What are we afraid of? In the wake of recent developments in my personal life, I examine what compells us to discredit others.
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