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Conscious Body Movement

Conscious. Body. Movement.


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Get connected with your body! What it would like to eat, what it would like to do. Start living your bliss and have an amazing relationship with your body!

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Vibration- How are you vibrating? We are energy. Everything is energy. And it all vibrates at its own frequencies. Including us. Cool thing is, we can vibrate at different frequencies depending on our thoughts and the feelings we create from... more

Inspiring People to find Bliss in Embodiment The Gift of Movement. What gift is movement to our lives? A gift that we not often acknowledge and even judge? What have we decided that movement is? How does our body react to that? Do... more

What is the worthiness code? How do we let that one go? We didn't feel like we finished this topic last week, so how about some more? Is it possible to have good things in your life without the struggle? Could creating your life actually be... more

Is it possible to have good things in your life without the struggle? Could creating your life actually be fun? How to create with ease. What would it take? Join Steve and Greg today, Wednesday the 22nd, 1PM Denver 3PM New York... more

What does balance mean? Can you ever even achieve it? Well, what if you can, and it still has a shifting nature? What? Your balance can and will shift! Join Steve and Greg as they discuss the possibilities with finding, and maintaining... more

Change. We've been told over and over it is the only constant in life. Ironic huh? Well how do you deal gracefully with change? How about thriving during change? Weather it is a death, divorce, change of job, moving, we have stressful changes... more

Self Confidence. Trust in your choices and decisions. What would it take to stand in your confidence? What can you create from there? Join Steve and Greg as they explore self confidence! Today, Monday the 30th. 1pm Denver 3pm New... more

When you think of your body, what comes to mind? An adversary needing to be overcome? Or a partner, primary life partner that is to be grateful for? Do you ever ask your body questions about what it would like? Or how it would like to do... more

Kathy and Greg talk about physical, mental, spiritual balance, what all of that means to your body and well being! Aging and vitality, And kicking the sugar bug! Why you ought to give it a try, how you can do it, the benefits and results. Join... more

Step into your personal power. What is personal power. How do we set aside our power and how can we learn to embrace it. Everything happens with energetic power. Learn how to create your future with with the power you have right now.... more