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Get connected with your body! What it would like to eat, what it would like to do. Start living your bliss and have an amazing relationship with your body!

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Ready to Stop Self-Sabotage? Join Dr. Steve Peisner and Greg Dyer as we talk about bowling, multiple personality disorder (DID) the stories we tell ourselves, and how to stop shooting yourself in the foot! Or even if you are really shooting... more

Are you perfect? Is your life perfect? Are your choices perfect? What the heck is perfect? What a subjective term perfect. Open for many interpretations. Are you judging yourself for not being perfect? Striving for perfection? Who's perfection is... more

Set Points. What are they? How do they affect you? Physical, mental, psychological, spiritual. We create set points, our bodies do as well. How are they created? How do you change them? Join Dr. Steve Peisner and Greg Dyer as... more

Our lives are created by it. The boundaries we live within are drawn with it. Our limitations, conclusions, self worth, etc... All products of it. Judgment. But is it real? Are you afraid to move forward? Leave a job, a partner, move, try a new... more

Step Out Of The Poop, and Step Into You! Huh? You say you aren't standing in poop? Well, how is your lifegoing? Are you living it for you, or someone else? What have you created for yourlife? Where have you created it from?... more

Are you interested in seeing what else is possible in the world of integrative health, personal relationships, and transformational change? Join Greg Dyer and Dr. Steve Peisner, as they explore awareness around what our bodies, our... more

F*** New Years Resolutions! Would you like to start creating your phenominal life now? Listen in to be inspired to create beyond New Years Resolutons! Things happen for us at the speed of change! So why wait to create? The only magic in... more

How would you like your Holidays to Show Up? Do you know? What would you like for Christmas? What Magic you would like to have these Holidays? What would it be like to not get entangled in everybody else Christmas? How much... more

It seems that justifying our existence is a habit here! How do we tend to do that? By making things complicated! Because, if it is too easy, we are no longer necessary! So... Are you skipping by the easy choices? Are you using that BIG... more

What is Conscious. Body. Movement.? It is a way of shifting the thoughts about our bodies and what we do with them, for them and to them. It's about learning to listen to your body again for what it desires and requires. It's about loving your... more