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Today on Coffee with Conrad I interview Max from Praise Cafe I talk more about spiritual warfare

Today on Coffee with Conrad I have the good fortune of interviewing Tim Ravenell from Kingdom Grind Music. Tim will be ministering with 4EvaRedeemed at event this Memorial Day in Lampasas Texas!

Today on Coffee with Conrad YouVersion has gone social! TV is killing you Post Office Buys Bullets links at

In this episode of Coffee with Conrad Enduring the storms of life nonsensical ideals

Today on Coffee with Conrad I interview Mitch and Amanda from Holy Desperation Ministries Discuss the Compass Prophetic Meeting Play a Karaoke Clip from John's Java House Discuss Easter Verses Passover Links will be at... more

Today on Coffee with Conrad Jamie from CTRC shares his testimony! Knowing God Means More than Describing Him Links at ConradRocks.Net

Today on Coffee with Conrad Minimum wage Hike Jabbering with Jesus Jam Jason Blood Moon Hullabaloo Bible Believing Boy Links at ConradRocks.Net

In this episode of Cofffee with Conrad: The Rail Gun Realty! Police Snipers Killed Protestors Death Sentence over a Text Fort Hood Shooting Spree Wedding Photographer Dissed Links at ConradRocks.Net

Today on Coffee with Conrad: Pro Life Prayers threatened Escape from Auschwitz Do Angels Exist? Links at ConradRocks.Net

Today on Coffee with Conrad: Doctor's Real-Life Switch From Atheism to Christianity research shows the Internet could be making Americans lose faith Court Lets NYC Ban Worship Services in Public Schools Links at... more
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