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Meet Dr. Milondra Coleman: Dr. Milondra Coleman, an ordained elder, is a Duke University graduate who holds five advanced degrees, including a Juris Doctorate from the UVA School of Law. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Coleman pursues her love of entrepreneurship, writing and singing. In 2007, she founded Equipping Them to Lead(ETL), a leadership development company, which equips people to do exploits through consulting, teaching, worship, and preaching. Additionally, Dr. Coleman is the author of three books: Equipping Them to Lead; Love Letters, a collection of prayers and testimonies; and the soon-to-be-released BLACK OWNED: How the Integration of Public Accommodations Affected Black Businesses in Richmond, Virginia. She also recorded her first CD, “Worship with Milondra” last fall. Most recently, Dr. Coleman’s company, ETL, launched a singing group, Milondra & Sisters in Spirit!
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