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Cut out continuances! Put an end to pending! Stop stalling out and advance more sales to the close. On-air sales coaching plus interviews with some of the biggest names in the world of selling. Submit your questions in advance to if you are unavailable for the live broadcast.

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In sales, we're faced with persauding others in a wide variety of situations. And, every single day, we face resistance. We may even begin to see our buyers as adversaries... which leads us to resort to maninpulative or coercive tactics in an effort to win, to get what we want. Of course, this mentality and approach only nets short term results (if anything at all). Leaving buyers feeling taken advantage of will only increase their resistance in the future. There is a much better way, one that creates both immediate and long-term, sustainable results. Helping your buyers make decisions that are in your best interest AND in alignment with their best interest, too, is the superior approach. However, doing this effectively, consistently and artfully requires influence. For some, there are natural abilities to access. For others, there are a set of learned skills that can help you become more influential. Bob Burg, the author of the international bestseller The Go-Giver, has written an new book to help us master the Five Principles of Ultimate Influence. In this broadcast, he'll intrdouce these principles to listeners, along with specific ways you can turn your adversaries into allies. CONNECT! Online Radio for Professional Sellers is your weekly resource for learning from the world's leading sales experts. Tune in every Saturday to cut out continuances, put an end to pending and stop stalling out in sales.
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