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Cut out continuances! Put an end to pending! Stop stalling out and advance more sales to the close. On-air sales coaching plus interviews with some of the biggest names in the world of selling. Submit your questions in advance to if you are unavailable for the live broadcast.

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You got past the gatekeeper, talked to the mid-level managers, and now it's time for the final hurdle: the C-Suite. But how do you get in? It's more than just a one-and-done event. You have to tap into your windows of opportunity and cultivate a relationship with executives, engaging them in a way that gets them to open that door for you. Join us for an interview with Lisa Magnuson, founder of Top Line Sales, LLC and author of "The Simple Executive Engagement Plan," as she shares her insights and tools for unlocking the executive door. Listeners will learn from her expertise as a coach and strategist why executive cultivation is a process, how Win Themes™ can change the sales conversation, and how a strategic mindset will yield bigger results. To get your toughest selling challenges answered live on air, send your questions to before the show. You can also call in live during the broadcast, or use the show's chat feature. And don't forget to download this show and the rest of the CONNECT! Online Radio archive for on-the-go training!
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Too many sales organizations are very good at a game no longer being played. They have perfected the ability to consistently hit the target, but the target has changed. The Internet has essentially marginalized and neutralized their... more

Habits are what separates the wheat from the chaff in business, and everyone wants to know what habits get you to the top. The same is true in sales - the right habits are what enables salespeople, small business owners, entrepreneurs... more

Overcoming objections is useless... unless you're dealing with the buyer's true objection. Join CONNECT! Online Radio this week for an interview with Mary Anne Wihbey Davis. Mary Anne will share tips from her book "The Sales... more

How to sell better without screwing your customers, your colleagues or yourself The ABCs is something that has been sales common knowledge for a long time - "always be closing" is, depending on the expert you ask, either time-tested truth... more

In sales, we're faced with persauding others in a wide variety of situations. And, every single day, we face resistance. We may even begin to see our buyers as adversaries... which leads us to resort to maninpulative or coercive tactics in an... more

Service is one of the most important elements of sales, and a crucial element to get connected with your buyers. Join us for an authors' round table with Vicki Halsey and Kathy Cuff, two of the co-authors of "Legendary Service," a new... more

Sales isn't about numbers. It's about human beings. That's why CONNECT! Online Radio for Selling Professionals brings the greatest minds in the sales industry to listeners each week. Guests join show host Deb Calvert every... more

Empowered buyers are demanding price discounts, deals and negotiated rates. What's a seller to do? It's so tempting to shave the cost and close the sale... But that short-term solution could be costing you more than you realize. So... more

Selling has changed. Buyers have changed. Isn't it time that you changed, too? Easier said than done! Sales professionals who are looking for the definitive blueprint on what to change and how to change (along with why to change)... more

Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and CEO of Selling Power Magazine and the popular Sales 2.0 Conferences, may have worked with more sales leaders and managers than anyone in the world. After all, he's been interviewing them and... more
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