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Join in monthly with Conjure Crossroads, a group of seasoned, competent and caring spirit and conjure workers that discuss real issues and real solutions in our daily lives. This show is about real change! Meet at the Crossroads and let's make magic!

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Reversal work is a core practice in conjure. But, sadly it is misunderstood as revenge or attack work, which is inaccurate. In fact, to make reversal work revengeful is to completely miss the point of this powerful and useful work. It IS about owning your power and keeping clean of other people's ill wishes or harmful influences. In this show, the CC family will discuss what reversal work is and is not and when it is warranted. Have your note pads ready, this promises to be a very informative and practical show.
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The guidance of the Source-Spirit (God, Great Spirit, the Creator and many other names) and the helpful spirits (ancestors, saints, angelic etc.) is one of the most traditional elements of conjure and root-work. Whether this happens through... more

Being a truly effective conjure-worker is an ongoing process of increasing knowledge and skills. Bottom line, the moment we think we know enough we have started to get stupid. In the old days, books on conjure were less available,... more

Our conjure-power is its strongest when we are standing with the spirits at the threshold of seen and unseen; manifest and non-manifest; embodied and not or disembodied. This state has many names such as ?rapture?, ?edge-walking?,... more

All of us are aware that the food we eat affects our physical health and emotional wellbeing. But, did you know that food and drink either supports, or reduces, the impact of your conjure? Also, did you know that you can make a meal or drink... more

Join Conjure Crossroads for highlights and magical moments from the First Annual ConjureCon, held in Santa Cruz this last weekend.

When we enter our sleep-time, it is often a time when our awareness shifts into a place of spirit that is beyond time and space. Our inner-spirit can then move along the pathways of subtle life where it touches events, people, spirits... more

Everyone wants to feel good emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Bottom line, if you feel bad its' hard to feel good. Did you know that the spirit world can help us draw and retain more wellness? After all, if we want... more

The life we want and desire doesn't usually just come to us! We have to make room and conjure it in. As we move toward spring, the time is here to clean the house and cleanse the spirit and set the spirits of our life to bring the good... more

We will address awakening, feeding, dressing and working several plant roots with specific focus on the powerful John Roots (High, Chewing and Virginia).

We will cover practical methods for keeping the things and persons that concern us safe and secure from bad or harmful influences.