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Conjure Crossroads

Conjure Crossroads


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Join in monthly with Conjure Crossroads, a group of seasoned, competent and caring spirit and conjure workers that discuss real issues and real solutions in our daily lives. This show is about real change! Meet at the Crossroads and let's make magic!

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Why does Conjure Crossroads do these Blog Talk shows and their two annual education and community events including Conjure-Con? Well, the answer is simple. Because we are committed to promoting and healing and helping... more

Before a worker can make their magic, they should move into a state of mind where they feel the power of spirit, engage the forces of the spirit and KNOW that their conjure will work. This a basic practice but one too often overlooked that... more

There are many ways that the potent power of the spirit enters into our world, and water is a major one! If you don't believe us, then see how well your life works without it. The use of water and waters in root-work is an-age old and... more

Being a truly effective conjure-worker is an ongoing process of increasing knowledge and skills. Bottom line, the moment we think we know enough we have started to get stupid. In the old days, books on conjure were less available,... more

Our conjure-power is its strongest when we are standing with the spirits at the threshold of seen and unseen; manifest and non-manifest; embodied and not or disembodied. This state has many names such as ?rapture?, ?edge-walking?,... more

When we enter our sleep-time, it is often a time when our awareness shifts into a place of spirit that is beyond time and space. Our inner-spirit can then move along the pathways of subtle life where it touches events, people, spirits... more

Everyone wants to feel good emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Bottom line, if you feel bad its' hard to feel good. Did you know that the spirit world can help us draw and retain more wellness? After all, if we want... more

We will cover practical methods for keeping the things and persons that concern us safe and secure from bad or harmful influences.

Lodestone in Conjure! Tune in to the show and learn how Orion, Susan, Starr, Auntie Sindy along with our moderator Shimmering Wolf, use the powerful mojo of these magnetic stones. The magnetic and strong applications of Lodestones in... more

Conjure Crossroads continues where we left off last month with a jammed pack one and a half hour show featuring Starr, Orion Foxwood, Susan Diamond, Auntie Sindy Todo with Shimmering Wolf as moderator. All our favorite spells and... more