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All of us have the ability to tap into our own soul. This show is dedicated to helping people understand their intuitive/psychic abilities and how to integrate them into everyday life. We all have the power within us to connect to Spirit! Let me 'bring heaven down to earth' and help you see that each day we walk in the light of Spirit with one foot in each world.

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Those of us who grew up in one faith, but later found themselves brave enough to venture out and explore the world of spirituality find that it's not one religion that makes up our belief system, but a philosophy! So yes, I am a Catholic Witch and a Christian Pagan. What's most important is that we come from our most sacred place- our Hearts. In my world, one thing is certain- Everything is God, and if this is so, how can we ever worship incorrectly? Can a witch really love Jesus? Of course! Can a Christian find peace in a Buddhist practice? Why not? Can an Atheist find a spiritual connection to nature? Absolutely! Let's talk about what it means to be human and divine, a Christian and a pagan, and living a spiritual life outside the confines of one particular belief system!
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Spirit is in all of us. We are all human and divine, simultaniously, and without question. Why then, do we continue to drive walls between ourselves in the name of judgement, righteousness, and greed? My talk tonight came... more

When you allow yourself to be open to Spirit Messages, your life takes on a new dimension. Tapping into your Guides and Angels can help you when making difficult decisions, or to help you with issues in your life that keep repeating.... more

Tonight I'll be talking about a few recent experiences, and taking questions about how to help you incorporate your spirituality into your everyday life. Spirit is all around us, and waiting for us to call upon its presence. It's only a matter of... more

Today's show will focus on getting those little whispers from your Spirit Guides to be more magnified and more frequent. As always, I'll share the messages I'm receiving from my own People, and will pull a few cards for my listeners as well.... more

On today's show: a special announcement. I'm about to have one of my dreams come true, and I'll share that with you all on today's show! But what about you? What is it that you REALLY want? What's the story you're telling yourself about... more

Today I'll be sharing important information from my People about being in alignment, and the nature of Fear. I'll be using the "Life's Purpose" Oracle to talk more about the energy of finding your path, from a spiritual perspective. Please... more

The show is always about YOU and how to help you with your spiritual journey! Do you think Spirit is whispering something in your ear but you can't quite figure out what it is? Are you seeing the same repeating patterns but not sure... more

Let's talk about the ways that Spirit comes to deliver messages to us! I'll share a couple of recent stories that illustrate the magic that happens when you are open to receiving messages. Please join me for 30 minutes of spiritual awesome!

What is your truth? Can it really be defined? When it comes to spirituality, my belief is that all of us have our own personal truth-- something that is uniquely our experience of the world that no one can take away from us. The pursuit of truth... more