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COMTIVATE Host Sharon Johnson

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Welcome Angela Brown - Leadership Specialist - Missouri

Tuesday 1-15-2013 @ 630 pm Est Call 646-652-2034 or Listen at

Angela Brown – Founder and CEO of Empowering Actions LLC , Leadership Specialist and a certified John C. Maxwell trainer, coach and speaker.

Blueprinting for Success…Living Your Life by Design. “Before can lead others…you must first be the author and leader of your own dreams, vision and purpose.” 

In this segment, the audience will learn the framework to creating a Blueprint for developing a customized personal and professional strategic plan. Everyone has the ability to experience meaning and fulfillment in business and life. One of the keys to making this happen is having a relentless burning desire for what you do. This passion is discovered by uncovering what you truly value most and determining your true purpose. During this segment will briefly touch on the five key areas needed for creating a customized Blueprint for business and personal success in order to live the life of your dreams.

  • Discover the Most Important tool to navigate the journey to your dreams.
  • Why Blueprinting is necessary for those who want to lead.
  • Learn the necessary keys to creating a customized Blueprint for your personal or professional life.


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