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Complete Chocolate Couples


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Real Couples. Real Topics. Real Talk!!! Experience the movement that is "Complete Chocolate Couples". Join us as we uncover the exact nature of issues that both strengthen and damage relationships in the african american community. Hosted by Steven Anthony King, Certified Life & Relationship Coach.

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Join our dynamic "all male" panel of guests from the upcoming "Women's Empowerment Conference"....Robert B. Ballatt, motivator, entrepreneur and author of the best seller: "Mogul Up - Principles For Life and Business". Shariff... more

Are you thinking about that person at the office just a bit too much??? Do you look forward to ?innocently? running into that attractive person??? Has the ?hello? become ?it's always good to see you???? At what point does the ?invisible line?... more

I like it!!! I love it!!! I need it!!! Join my very special guests; ?Sex Educator? and ?Passion Professional?, ?Shannel The Sex CEO? along with ?Robert Ballatt? aka ?The Massage Mogul?, creator of ?Just 1 Touch Mobile... more

Most of us dream of meeting our ?soul mate?, ?getting married? and living ?happily ever after?….but for ?50%? of those that get married, the dream ends in a nightmare of ?divorce?!!! Learn how to have a ?lifetime of love?!!!... more

"All the good men are taken?….?All men are dogs?….?I don't need a man?!!! Ladies, if you subscribe to any of these ideologies, then ?you must? tune in!!! Join my very special guest, ?Jerri Lynn?….playwright, founder of... more

Join my very special guests....?Darlene A. Anderson?, creator of Darlene's Utopia and The DU Conversation Series, along with ?Renee Daniel Flagler?, bestselling and award winning author of ?Raging Blue? we discuss all aspects of... more

Is your money funny.....your change kinda strange??? Is the pressure of overdue bills and mounting debt putting a strain on your relationship??? Do you find yourself blaming one another and arguing constantly because you just can't... more

Do men really know how to be ?head of household???? Is being an ?independent woman? interfering with you letting your man be a man??? Join my very special guests, relationship experts, motivational speakers and bestselling... more

Ladies Ladies Ladies!!! This show is especially for you. If you are looking for a "Real Black Man" or you want to keep the one you have, then you "MUST" tune in. "Real Black Men" will speak candidly about what they want and need from... more

Is Facebook getting more attention than your partner??? Are you dealing with inappropriate comments posted on your partner's page??? Are you ?secretly? checking your partner's inbox messages??? Join us as we discuss the... more