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Welcome to "Community Source Radio" Our communities are in trouble. It's time to bring back the old saying but catering to our society now that, "It Still Takes A Village!" It's all about re inventing ourselves to be more aware & become better yet positive role models to this game we call LIFE, but also to and for our children! We need to be able to confront the growing issues within our communties head on, but confront them collectively together as a Nation. Our Mission: "To educate our young. To empower and strengthen our communities with the power of Voice. To inspire and motivate the less fortunate. To create a positive platform where every voice can be heard, yet make a difference in someone else's life. Our Motto: "In order for a change to come, you first must be willing to stand." Our Quote: "Stand For A Change!" Thank You for joining the cause of making a difference! ~Mahogani P~ "Inspiring, Motivating & Networking from the heart!!"