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Kevin and James Rockin' Sports is a show that will cover the world of sports and punk rock and anything in between. This week's episode, Kevin and James talk about the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice, and the... more

Mansur Gidfar communications director for Represent.Us, an advocacy group, is host Joseph Cotto's guest this Sunday. The conversation will be about Citizen's United which is well on it way to becoming one of the most... more

On Paired with Chef Mary and Duane our food and wine experts are talking with Laura Taylor of Tomato Matters learning her heirloom tomato secrets– how to grow heirlooms, the best soil to use, the different varieties, how to... more

Critical Conversations works beyond the headline, removes the agenda and talks about what today's news really means. Join us as Senior Editor Jim Picht and Editor in Chief Lisa Ruth discuss the top issues of the week, going beyond the... more

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is one of America's most powerful legal action groups. It was formed to defend military personnel from religious discrimination brought about by, for the most part, fundamentalist Christians.... more

Renowned Chef Mary Moran of Hail Mary Food of Grace and Wine Expert Duane Pemberton sit down to taste and discuss California wines with the wine makers of Benovia Winery. California is suffering from one of the worst droughts in recent... more

When you remove the agenda, what do the headlines really mean? Join us for a special edition of the Commdigihour presenting a discussion with Editor in Chief Lisa Ruth talking to Senior Political Editor Jim Picht about some of the most... more

On Cotto & Company, host Joseph Cotto speaks with Dr. Stephen Steinlight from the Center for Immigration Studies talking about A recent report by the Center for Immigration Studies indicating that all American job growth since 2000 has been... more

Editor in Chief Lisa Ruth will be moderating a conversation on the Israel / Palestine escalation. Kate Gould is Legislative Associate on Middle East Policy for Middle East, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quakers) will be... more

On Wednesday's program, we will bring the situation of the Murrieta Immigration Rebellion up to date and focus in on a very critical aspect of the media coverage - asking the question, "Is opposition to uncontrolled, illegal immigration... more