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Voting, one of the most important and basic rights we have in America, continues to be a matter of concern, conversation and controversy Tonight on Critical Conversations host Lisa Ruth will be talking with Senior Political Editor Dr. Jim... more

Tune in to Graceland with Jennifer Meadows this week as we discuss the kickoff of Ted Cruz's 2016 presidential run. He makes the left hyperventilate and some in the GOP establishment reach for more medicine. Just what the doctor... more

This week's Graceland with Jennifer Meadows is packed with topics for discussion. The Blaze's Pete Kasperowicz joins us to discuss the ATF's effort to circumvent the 2nd Amendment with its aborted attempt to ban certain types of... more

The question this week is not if Hillary will run in 2016, but can she run. Her latest scandals -- Saudi money being filtered through the Clinton Foundation and emails on private servers coupled with lame excuses -- add insult to the injury of... more

In 2008 President Obama proclaimed that America is no longer a Christian nation. Journalists Amanda Shea, Prissy Holly and Dom the Conservative tackle the social and political issues that are eroding their ability as mothers to deal with... more

Tonight on the CommDiginews Hour Travel the World we continue our tour of Central America with a tour of Belize. Geographically situated South of Mexico with Guatemala to the West and South, Belize is the only country in Central... more

This week former Defense Department spokesperson and current Fox News contributor J. D. Gordon joins Graceland to discuss the Islamic State and the global war on terror. Are we beating ISIS? Are we losing? Can we even tell at... more

When it comes to high fashion fur there is one woman who is creating quite a rage and setting the scene ablaze and her name is Pamela M. Paquin. The company she founded Petite Mort has legitimized the phrase ?ethical fur? and is... more

Heather Blue van Doorninck, who goes by Blue of Rancho el Chilamate joins Travel the World to talk about her ranch that provides luxury in the country accomodations and the ability to saddle up and ride out to the same beach... more

At 7:30 p.m. Graceland with Jennifer Meyers and Curtice Mang will continue talking about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before the joint session of Congress. The duo will also be talking about Google and their new... more