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Tonight on Critical Conversations Host Lisa Ruth and Dr. James Picht will shining a light on two very important headlines this week, America's economy and the ongoing 2014 Mid-Term elections. This week, the conversation turns to the mid-west and Kansas which is shaping up as an important race not getting nearly the national attention it deserves. This is a state with a very long Republican history, yet it is becoming one that could go either way. Jim and Lisa will dwelve behind the headlines to find the story in this important race to Americans. Is the economy doom and gloom, or is there a solution to stem the tide of America's financial bleeding? Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Richard Stockton College and senior editor Dr. James Picht who has his doctorate in economics will be discussing America's Crumbling Economy and the concept of economic outsourcing, which Dr. Busler feels can turn America around. The other big headline this week is Ebola, which is growing at exponential rates. Africa is dealing with a crisis that could have ripple effects that are more than a growing health epidemic, but that could also negatively effect world economic stability. Following Critical Conversations, listen to More Than Right with Steve Nemo where this week's headlines include Entertainment jobs rapidly declining in California and President Obama declares war on the Islamic State… or did he? Finally, there will be an encore presentation of last Sunday's Cotto & Company featuring host Joseph Cotto's conversation with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - America's Crumbling Economy
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