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Black people may not come together as a whole on this side of prophecy, but it wont be because you don't have the tools.

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At some time current society as we know it will cease. We will have to separate from the other nations because more of the truth will become clear: WE HAVE NO FRIENDS. Civil unrest, racewar, starvation will come. Those who live by the... more

What a perfect day to talk about suggestions for celebate Israelites who are seeking constructive living habits. While esau celebrates valentines day. We should be mindful to choose none of the oppressors ways, but carve out our... more

You were taught to hate the very thing that has the potential to make you & your life super human! Dr. Llaila Afrika: We Are Different: Ali Muhammad's Seminar On... more

Are you like a child with car keys or a toddler with a gun when it comes to life choices? We will discuss the mindless decisions and careless words, deeds and actions our people partake in that count as voting either for or against your the... more

Divine judgement is here for the Daughters of Babylon aka daughters of Edom. "God don't like ugly". Malachi 2 : 11 - 12 Ezra 10: 3 & 19 Ben Sira (Ecclesiasticus) 39:28-31 KJVA "white" females have always been a huge part of... more

We discuss the real needs of the so called Black woman, the social strategies that have been used to attack her and the implications of these tactics on the so called Black community. ====================== HARP MUSIC: Jeff Majors -... more

Some supportive recommendations for the black male: For those serious about breaking the spell and reuniting the black family unit. RECOMMENDED... more

The Brothers have done an amazing job getting the word out about who the devil really is, but do they only have it HALF correct? Let's explore this.... more