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Common Sense Conversations represents the conversations that we all want to have minus the big words and confusing jargons. Just everyday Common Sense talk

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Tonight on Common Sense Conversation we will have a open forum. What do you want to talk about? How do you feel about the superbowl? What current events are currently catching your interest? Call in tonight and talk about .

As we enter a new year, Common Sense Conversations, takes accountability of the progress of a people. Are we truly prepared to exist in the 21st century? Has the message been laid out for us by our elders, or do we still need prep time?... more

Seeking Empowerment returns, with a new attitude and perspective! Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but what does it mean to be empowered? How can we start the process of building personal empowerment? And... more

Common Sense Conversations brings in the new year with a discussion that pulls articles from online and opens them for discussion. From the ridiculious to the serious we will cover it. Join in the conversation, remember when you had to... more

You're invited to be a part of a conversation that deals with understanding yourself. Often we hear discussions about chakras, oracles, tarots, energy, etc... But what does it all mean? What is a reading? Who are the people that do the... more

Part II of this conversation will discuss the historical accounts, lessons that we must teach our children as well as letter we must write to our neighbor and other members of our community. How can we develop community programs and... more

In light of the recent events, is it time to sit our children down and have that conversation? Not the regular conversation about the birds and the bees but about knowing you're surroundings and what to do in a particular situation. We... more

Join us tonight as we sail away from Jesus of Lubeck and into the stars! Our conversation takes us on a journey into looking at the bible from a different perspective. I will discuss astrological references that have been placed in the... more

Tonight we revist the conversation on religion, and attempt to find some understanding to the questions of why we do the things that we do? We will discuss the history's of Jesus of Lubeck, the song Amazing Grace and a few... more

Spiritual practice is honest and sincere efforts done consistently on a daily basis to develop Divine qualities and achieve everlasting happiness or Bliss. Our conversation tonights opens the door to to a conversation in spritual... more
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