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Common Sense Conversations represents the conversations that we all want to have minus the big words and confusing jargons. Just everyday Common Sense talk

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Seeking Empowerment returns, with a new attitude and perspective! Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but what does it mean to be empowered? How can we start the process of building personal empowerment? And what's involved in that process? Reflecting on our personal values, skills and goals and being prepared to adjust our behavior in order to achieve our goals. How can building personal empowerment improve our personal values, skills and goals and being prepared to adjust our behavior in order to achieve our goals?
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I've done it! I finally STOLE a blog from my friend Yao Khepra Felix Wilson I tried to warn him that I was going to do it and now I have! Join me as I read from his blog and discuss the content. We will discuss what it means to create... more

Our conversation leads us to a discussion about saving our children and how to truly be a voice for their well being. We are seeing a shift in dynamics, our children are being targeted, arrested with heavy sentences for petty crimes.... more

How is it that just about all of our leaders asked us to be involved in our community and in the political system and yet we are virtually absent in both? How did we go from having a plan to having nothing but knee jerk... more

What happens when a community is besieged by the powers that be? What can the community do, how should they react. The city of Ferguson, Missouri gives an opportunity to look at it's current situation and how other communities can learn... more

HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO: We are living in a global society, people of African descent living in America make a unified decision to migrate back to the African continent. How would that look? How would we be received? Would it be a... more

Meditation is focusing of the mind. The ability to overcome the hectic pace or lifestyle that may make you feel as if youre going into a tailspin. In this episode of Seeking Empowerment we discuss the art of Meditation, what is meditation, what... more

We've all been hurt at some point in our lives by friends' family or mate. Sometimes the road to healing emotional wounds can be a long one that makes you feel as if you are alone and the pain is exclusive to only... more

Sports, Social Media, Entertainment, and the NEWS...We've all seen the controversy, Someone makes comments that spark some level of outrage. But are we really surprised? Are we really expecting others to believe that we... more

Join us as we discuss life, love, and spirituality as it pertains to Black Love from the Black Male's Perspective.

Join the conversation as we discuss the joys, pains, and all the Beauty of Black Love!
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