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Common Sense Nation is a radio show based on what I have been saying on YouTube as the Dr. of Common Sense ET Williams. Are you sick of the political corre

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The Debate, the Economy, and Foreign Policies.

We will discuss the Presidential Debate. We will also talk about Libya and what's going on in the news. We will have a funny video about Obama Also.

We Will Cover Current Affairs

We are taking off the gloves in this show. We will discuss stupid blacks, and stupid whites. We will insult Islam Terrorist and they will not like it. We will insult the president about his communist ways. This will be a no holds barred, so if... more

Most kids get a report card every 6 weeks to monitor their progress. So it is only fair that we give Mr. Obama his report card for the first 4 years. We will look at the Economy, Jobs, Foreign Policies, and Protecting the Constitution and our rights.... more

We will be discussing many current affairs this week on Blog Talk Radio. We will discuss the economy, and unemployment. Can we say that our foreign policies are working? What if Obama is re-elected can America service? What about... more

This week we will be discussing Islam and terrorism. We will also cover Racism but we will deal with phony racism and real racism. We will see if we can understand why Muslims are blowing themselves and others up. Are there any... more

We are living in a world today were people have forgotten how to use common sense. In our society we are making basic problems seem complicated. We should not be killing baby's period. I don't care if you call it abortion because the... more

Obama's Green Plan Is a Joke that has not worked. Obama is lying about his Birth Certificate because why would he spend 2.8 million if he has nothing to hide. Barrack Obama has issued over 900 Executive Orders to by Pass Congress.... more