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Common Sense Nation is a radio show based on what I have been saying on YouTube as the Dr. of Common Sense ET Williams. Are you sick of the political corre

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We must talk and be reasonable in order the solve problems. In spite of all of the insanity westill have a lot to be thankful for. So let's use sound judgement and reason and walk through all of the facts before we rush to judgement.

Some people will make you scracth your head at how stupid they are. Please tell us about some.

Look at our contry and one must wonder when will it ever stop damit. We have Obamacare, the Economy stinks, and what about our National Security?

Liberals Really Want Hitler Back Because They Don't Want You Thinking.

America is in for a big surprise out of the Sissy in the White House. He will get more and more ratical because he has come to far to turn around.

When will America realize she is under ATTACK Damit.

People are getting more and more insane. Maybe they need a Nurse to give them medicine.

What has happen to rational thinking people in the damn country. Can we get one leader to stand up to Barack Obama and stop this damn madness. It might be to damn late. You better pray to the God of Heaven.

You should be pissed off at your damn government. They treat you like crap and tell you to say Thank You

Making fun of every damn body is so much damn fun.