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Common Sense Nation

Common Sense Nation


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Common Sense Nation is a radio show based on what I have been saying on YouTube as the Dr. of Common Sense ET Williams. Are you sick of the political corre

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There is an art of arguing with a fool and you must understand their reasoning to the madness.

Stop being so damn political correct and we can stop the Madness.

We need a true leader and we have many candidates but only a few leaders.

There are something's that shock me but not many. The things that our government gets away with blows my mind! They spend your money with no recourse. They make laws that they know don't work and demand you pay for it.... more

I can't keep up with the corruption in our government and especially in the administration.

We live in a time that stupidity is at an ALL time high. I don't mean regular stupid people they have a specialized idiocy. People are systematically ignoring rational thought processes that stretches my mind past understanding. Ask yourself why... more

We are in dangerous times today. Iran will be deadly with Nukes. Donald Trump is cause people to get excited. Obama is a damn liar.

We have a problem in America and it starts in Washington DC. Our damn borders are open and the Politicians that were supposed to be the Gatekeepers have looked the other way. I don't give a ?rat's ass? why they look the other way. But... more

We are under full attack and they are not stopping at nothing. They have an all out assault on your freedoms . Gays are not in the damn closet and neither are the communist. We see that they are not stopping at anything. Their Slogan... more

Our Right's are being destroyed day by day. We are losing because we have lost site on what America was built on and that is individual FREEDOM. We have allowed the radical groups to silence our God given Right's. That is a receipe for... more