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Common Sense Apologetics

Common Sense Apologetics


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Program discussing the truth of the Christian faith by exploring its logical and evidential framework. We'll also be exposing atheism as religion in disguise.

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Surprisingly, some Christians discount the implemetation of evidence when talking with non-believers. But what if that person asks. "does God even exist?" or "wasn't the Bible just written by men?" Are we then supposed to punt that... more

Although this message is somewhat geographically targeted toward people near my home church, the criteria set forth will hopefully be helpful for you when you set about choosing a church for yourself. Tune in to CSA today to learn more.... more

Recent discussions in the political world--particularly as it relates to abortion--have aroused debate once again. Is it proper to get angry about things that take place in the culture? The answer is, yes. However, we must always... more

One common objection to Christianity is the oft heard..."all the Church wants is your money". Is this a legitimate criticism? Perhaps for some churches it well may be the case. However, this, like other objections, are typically... more

Many people have wondered where God was when a madman open fire in a crowded movie theater in Aurora, CO. Why does God allow these tragedies to take place? Is there a reason we can understand? These are... more

There's absolutely nothing wrong with venting from time to time, especially as people--when discussing God-- lead with "intellect" and "science", but are engaging in their own type of religious dogma. While Christians need to be... more

A continued discussion on the imporatnce of contending for the faith and knowing when the time comes to draw a line in the sand. Please join us at Common Sense Apologetics. www.csaone.net

In this program, we'll take a look at how Christians sometimes overreact or underreact to situations that arise within the Church. Is division ever a good thing? What does the Bible say about this? Tune into Common Sense Apologetics to... more

We need to re-ignite our passion for the faith we hold in Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that God has not given us a spirit of timidity. Be strong in the fact hat God has allowed us to engage the skeptic--and encourage each other-- with strong... more

Far from being bigoted, narrow-minded, and arrogant, the one way road to Heaven through Jesus, is actually the most loving, logical, moral, and inclusive acts that God have ever instituted. Tune into this special pre-recorded show... more