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What in the world is going on? Ministers from large congregations talking about they are gay. Not that I am struggling with homosexuality but that I am gay, a recognition that they accept the condition and do not repent nor seek forgiveness for the sin. Homosexuality is sin like all others. You may have had a generational curse attach to you at birth but you were not born that way. Therefore, like all other curses you can renounce it and rebuke It. Just because it trys to come back from time to time and you find yourself in weakness does not mean that you are relegated to living your life that way which is less than what God has for you. It is in heterosexual single men and women to want to have sex probably more than married people but we have to abstain from that desire if we are saved. If we fail we have to ask God for forgiveness. What's the difference? Do you think one desire is greater than the other? I love you all but you can not give up the struggle. This is not homophobia. I love homosexuals just like God does. However, to allow you to think that God does not call this sin and allow you to be lulled into judgment just because you don't think you can overcome this attack would not be love, it would be hate because at judgment their is punisment for homosexuals and others who refused to cover their sin in the blood of Jesus by repenting. I do not make light of this condition because Satan steals generations by this subtile attack. Children purposed by God are not born because of this condition. That is why God condemns it because it goes against His creative purpose and process. Do not allow the hyprocracy of those of us who should be teaching you the way declare openly that they live in this area of sin cheat you from your Godly purpose. But you say minister you sin in some other way. You are right I do occassionally but I do everything in me not too. However, when I do I repent. Do you repent, turn away from your sin?