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Commanding Your Life


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Known as the Silver Fox of Consciousness, Beverly discusses areas of your life that may be stopping you from your greatest potential or your next level of growth. If you could change in a moment would you want to know how? Listen to my weekly show because I will share with you techniques that will help you change your life. We will discuss techniques which immediately change your mindset, clear old emotional blocks and opens the door to new possibilities in every area of your life. We want to help you in your quest for greatness. One modality we will discuss is the Silva Method. It has multiple techniques to help you develop your intuition easily and effortlessly. From time to time I will have guests on the show who may or may not use these techniques. I'm about the contrast and what will work to make life better for YOU. It is not about me it is about you becoming the person that you were born to become. • If you could see into the future, what would you want to know? • If you could detect what's on people's minds, what would you ask? • If you had a reliable way to communicate with a higher power - a scientific way to pray - what would you ask of "higher intelligence"? Imagine if you had intuition that you could call on whenever you need it. Learning the Silva UltraMind System you will be able to do this and more. Change your life in moments and realize your dreams through the powerful new information that I will share with you on "Commanding Your Life" Show. Follow me here and subscribe to my blog at http://commandingyourlife.com

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We have heard the phrase "It is a simple case of mind over matter." Yet many find that controlling their mind and what they think can be very difficult. In turn what you think dictates how you behave. How you behave and take care of... more

Why is it best to forgive? Does holding resentment, grudges or hate effect you body? Today's episode will talk about the possibility of hurting yourself when you are unable to forgive another. Join me on this episode of Commanding Your... more

In the last episode I discussed clearing the Gremlins that hold you from your success. I mainly discussed how to identify these Gremlins and gave some examples. Today I am going to discuss what can be done to remove them from... more

Over the last couple of months I have been working to clear away barriers in my life. I am talking about the Gremlins or Devils that stop me from moving forward at the rate I should. I have had ups and downs and meltdowns. I have faced... more

This weekend I attended a seminar where I was asked the question how I could be a hypnotist and a Christian. In this episode I will discuss what hypnosis is and isn't as well as answer some of the common questions that I am asked... more

OK. So you change your mind often. You want chicken for dinner and then you change to Italian. You are going to wear one outfit and then change to something different. There is no science to changing in this manner. What if you really... more

Where do you go when you want to be in a contemplative mood or want to have a conversation with The Creator of All Things. Today I am going to talk about a meditative place call "Your Spiritual Sanctuary." ====================... more

The definition of Murphy's Law is, ?If something can go wrong, it will.? What if you were able to rise above or transcend the axiom of Murphy's law? What if it didn't exist? Today's episode will discuss this aphorism and how it is not really a part... more

You are a magnificent manifesting machine. However most people have never been taught how to recognize the little nudges to do certain activities that will allow them to receive the answer to their request. I call these nudges Inspired... more

Ms. Kiran Patel, M.A., C.Y.T. survived sexual assault and a death threat at the age of 24 by accessing an infallible power source from within which led to her assailant backing off and her walking away. This remarkable woman is our... more