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Your Wellbeing Could Be The Death Of You

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The Van Buren County death rate for all cancers combined was 10.5% below the Michigan rate in the 1970s, but is now 12.0% above the state (2005 - 2010). This rate is the highest of the 34 most populated Michigan counties.

Fission products, which take the form of gases and particles, include Cesium - 137, Iodine - 131, and Strontium - 90. They are highly unstable atoms which emit alpha particles, beta particles, or gamma rays. When they enter the body, they harm various organs. Cesium seeks out the muscles (including the heart and reproductive organs), iodine attacks the thyroid gland, and strontium attaches to bone. Each causes cancer after breaking cell membranes and damaging cell DNA creating mutations, and is especially harmful to the fetus, infant, and child. Some decay quickly (Iodine - 131 has a half-life of 8.05 days), while others remain for long periods (Strontium-90 has a half-life of 28.7 years, and Cesium-137 has a half-life of 30 years). - Wikipedia

In this weeks show, we are looking at the health affects of all the Power Plants that have and still are leaking radioactive waste. The show is LIVE so if you live near a Power Plant or you know some-one who does, please give us a call. We have lots of information, including the compensation policy the US Government has put into place to help people like you.

If you feel you have a question or comment that will add to the discussion please do call in on (646)716-6583 at 9:30 BST - 4:30 pm EST.