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How much is that doggie in the crockpot?

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Dogs are men’s best friends. Dogs are intelligent animals and fortunately this is very much recognised in the West. Today dogs are also employed in a wide variety of professions, to name a few:
• Military dogs
• Police dogs
• International dog drug squads
• Rescue dogs rescuing people dogs during natural disasters such as avalanches, tsunamis
• Guide dogs being the eyes for the blind
• Hearing dogs being the ears for the deaf
• Care workers working as personal assistants to disabled people helping them to get dressed, pulling their wheel chairs and picking up dropped items for example
• Medical and emergency dogs aiding to find vistoms in natural disaster areas.
• Therapy dogs in hospitals and in care homes
• Acting dogs Lassie, Beethoven, the Littlest Hobo.
In fact, dogs are always working for us, even when they are not instructed to do so they continue to work for us e.g. protecting us and/or our homes.
The NoToDogMeat Foundation works to enforce change of legislation in countries where torturing, killing and eating dogs is practised.
NoToDogMeat campaigns on behalf of the UK registered charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade. Their mission is to end the illegal cruel trade that sees millions of dogs and cats skinned and boiled alive each year and served up as food, amonst other things.

Charity Registration No: 1154524

On May 18th, they will also be holding a Facebook & Twitter campaign to spread awareness about the dog and cat meat trade. They would like people to use the photos and information on this page:


Phone lines WILL be open: (646) 716-6583