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Queen Elizabeth is in the Hospital. Also Obama has ordered Israeli Prime Minister to give him a plan on Israeli's pulling out of the West Bank. Also The Vatican is setting a date for the upcoming Conclave to pick the next Pope. Also... more

"Swarms of Locusts" hits Egypt the same day John Kerry visits Mohammad Mursi in Egypt. Also Earthquake hits China and leaves 700 homes destroyed. Also 2 meters of snow falls on Japan leaving at least 6 dead and many more in the... more

President Obama's Trip to Israel on March 20, 2013 has rumors of Obama visiting the Temple Mount at the "Dome of the Rock" Mosque. Vatican has set a meeting for all Cardinals for March 4, 2013 in Rome. Also a Florida Man was... more

Pope Benedict XVI just left the Vatican as he becomes the first Pope in 600 years to resign. Also John Kerry is in Rome? Why? Also Kerry says America is going to hasten the fall of Syria's President Assad. A 6.9 earthquake just hit Russia. The... more

Pope Benedict XVI gives Farewell Address. Also The 188 day Earthquake Cycle is coming soon! Australia hit with a category 4 Cyclone "Rusty". Texas Teacher teaches Islam and "Burqas" in Public School. California Prisions may hire... more

Rockets hit Isreal from Gaza as President Obama prepares to bring a peace plan to Jerusalem. Also Texas Snow Blizzard, and Kansas Snow Storm, and Louisanna sinkholes continue to get bigger. Also Cyclone "Rusty" is bearing... more

Japan Earthquake 6.2 today shakes things up. Also Tuberculosis outbreak in Los Angeles. Also Vatican Cardinal Keith O'brien of Britain resigns because of "inappropriate homosexual conduct with other priest". Also Cyclone "Rusty'... more

President Obama Peace agreement (Unbreakable Alliance) or (A Coventant with Peoples) rough draft will be read by Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana. Also Obama Israel Trip Official Logo will be revealed. And 6 Underground tanks are... more

50 Meteor events from Feb. 13-17 many did not hit the earth but burned out in the sky. Russia Meteorite left 1,200 people injured. Also Russian Fighter Jets entered Guam airspace and how close were we from war? Also Iran threat to America... more

Russia Meteor "Deep Impact" hits Central Russia with a powerful explosion leaving 1,000 hurt and 11 in hospital with serious condions. Also Asteriod 2012 DA14 is due to "skim by the earth" at 2:24 PM EST and Pastor Begley will... more
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