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"Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse will happen today and it could cause a major earthquake in the south Pacific Ocean. Also in Jordan the Israeli Embassy was attacked because a scuffel happen on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem between... more

American University of Sharjah Mosque a Imam has been stabbed in UAE. Also 3 Suicide bombers attack Kurds in Iraq 3 dead. Also NBA Star Dennis Rodman has contacted North Korea's President Kim Jung Un and asked his to let the... more

BREAKING: 3 massive explosions heard in Tehran, Iran near the missile facility. Also Russian President Putin "threatens Israel" over attacks on Syria. Also Volcano in Philippines eurpted and 5 climbers are dead. Also Gas tanker... more

Israel attacks Syria military locations killing 300 Syrian soldiers and destroying missiles sent to Syria by Iran. Also Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says "Assad will pay a very heavy price for the murder of 62 people in a town... more

Israel attacks Syria on May 3, 2013 and agian on May 5, 2013 destroying 3 military instillations with such force that it was felt in Damascus with the power of the 4.0 Mag Earthquake. Also Russian and Iranian TV are predicting a... more

American Military Plane has crashed in Kyrgyzstan exploding in mid air. Also Rhode Isand became the 10 state in America to make "Gay Marriage" legal. Also China has offered to broker a peace agreement between Israel President... more

China invades India. Also in Jerusalem an ancient stone "Gabriel Stone" may be the ancient proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Also sinkholes have broken open in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Also Hare Krishna Measles... more

Vatican held a meeting as Israel President Shimon Peres met with Pope Francis I. Also Iran President Ahmadinejad was arrested and held for 7 hours by the Islamic Supreme Leader Iranian Revolutionary Guard intelligence unit. Also the One... more

President Obama calls Russian President Putin to discuss the Syria Chemical weapons. Also a massive bomb has exploded in downtown Damascus leaving 13 dead. Also Jason Collins of the NBA comes out and admits he is gay and... more

Doug and Joe Hagmann of the "Hagmann and Hagmann Report" radio show here on Blogtalkradio will be Paul Begley's guest and will discuss the "Crowning of the One World Trade Center today". Also Benghazi Report, and China... more
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