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Israel and Palestine have entered into a military conflict that has left 3 Israeli's dead and 15 Hamas Militants dead including their leader. Also 50,000 Dead Star Fish on Ireland Beach. Also 6.0 Earthquake in Mexico. Mass riots in... more

Israel Kills the top military leader of Hamas Ahmaed Jaabari with a rocket attack after Hamas muslim militants had fired over 300 rockets into Israel the last 3 days. Also a Colorado man has been arrested for planning an assassination of... more

Tulsa Oklahoma Man Locks his 18 month old toddler in a "Dog Cage" and his little 4 year old outside in the cold. Theologian Paul Begley has the proper punishment for him. Also The Obama Administration has now brought down 2... more

New Jersey has awwarded a contract to Radiant for RFID microchips to be used by Homeland Security for evacuation procedure. Israel being attacked by Syria and Gaza. Iran is testing long range missiels. Gen. David Petraus affair causes... more

Special Tonight Show (Live) Israel has fired on Syria at the Golan Heights, also 18 states have citizens who want to secede from the United States of America. Also Major 6.8 earthquake hit Burma leaving 13 dead one week... more

Iran fires on a USA Drone over the Persian Gulf last week, but we are finally told yesterday Nov 8, 2012 seven days later. Also Gay Foreplay was taught to 8th Graders in Maine. NY City Mayor Bloomberg has banned donations of food to... more

Obama is ready to remove Assad from Power in Syria, and Iran's Nuke program is also high on his foreign policy agenda. Also Nor'easter hits New Jersey, New York, and leaves a foot of snow. Israel Prime Minister is worried that President... more

President Obama Wins the 2012 Election and another term as the American President. Washington State, and Colorado voted to legalize Marijunia , while Maine and Maryland voted for same sex marriage. Also a Nor'easter is threating... more

Another "Storm" is coming to New York and New Jersey and it is bringing 55 MPH winds and rain to a devasted area along the east coast. Also 6 men were killed at the alter of the "Goddess of Death" in Mexico. Also (3) dead bodies... more

Tonight Show 7-10P EST "SNL" FEMA has run out of water but not bullets, also New York City Mayor Bloomberg says looters will be put in "interment" camps! Also Voodoo Fest New Orleans and a new drug and it is deadly. Also Pastors... more
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