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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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Edward Snowden is free for one year in Russia. The NSA Leaker (Hero) has been given 1 year asylum in Russia as he left the Moscow airport. The Israeli Government has closed the Temple Mount until August 11, 2013 or after... more

NASA can't fully explain why the "Sun Turned To Darkness" but Cory Powell of Discovery Magizene says a "Large Piece" of the Sun broke off and is headed toward the Earth. Also Pastor Paul Begley will explain 7 reasons why the... more

The Middle East Peace Talks have begun today July 30, 2013 as an earthquake of 5.4 hits "Palestina" Mexico. Also the Sun has turned into darkness over one fourth of it's surface for 6 days. Also John F. Kerry our Sec. of State will be the... more

Pope Francis I "embraces gays" he says homosexual acts are sin, but homosexual orientation is not." Pastor Paul Begley will explain why the Pope is wrong! Also Archbishop Desmond Tutu says "I would rather go to hell, than go... more

Israel voted today to allow 104 (Terrorist) go free as a sign of "Good Faith" as tomorrrow July 29, 2013 peace talks will begin with Israel and the Palestinians in Washington D.C. Also Pope Francis I preaches on "Youth Day" in Brazil in front... more

Andy Greenberg behind the wheel in South Bend, Indiana has his car "Hacked" and takes total control over his car. Also Neuroscientists can now plant false memories in the brain causing people to beleive a lie. The RFID technology is... more

Spain Train crash leaves 78 dead and 140 injured as they were headed to a Christian Festival, but the video looks like 2 explosions happend to cause the derailment. Also Train derailment in Tampa Florida with cars full of leaking... more

Obama's Secret Plan for the Temple Mount. Also Anthony Weiner "Did it again". This time his lewd acts of sexual immorality has made even a maggot puke. Also the 6 year old Indiana boy that was swallowed by a sinkhole and fell 11... more

It's a Boy! Kate Middleton and Prince William have a son born to become 3rd in line to throne of England. Pope Francis I has arrived in Brazil carrying his own bag and touching the people in the streets, also a bomb was discovered in a... more

Sec. of State John Kerry announces the Middle East Peace agreement is going to begin in Washington DC and this may fulfilll the Daniel 9:27 prophecy. Also a lake in Zanesville, Ohio has turned "Blood Red" at Dillion State Park. Also a... more
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