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Lester Sumrall the Grandson of Dr. Lester Sumrall will be Pastor Paul Begley's guest "Live" today talking about Rabbi Vilna Gaon and his powerful prophecy about Russia invasion of Crimea. Also Banker Death number # 29 took place... more

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Earthquakes everywhere including Taiwan 6.1 leaving 1 dead and 19 injured as buildings were swaying. Also North Korea Kim Jong UN cuts off "The Hot LIne" with South Korea setting the stage for war. Also Is Syria's President Assad... more

The New World Order being revealed in these last days. Also Earthquakes around the world causes concern of the 7th 188 day cycle of earthquakes due April 2, 2013. Also North Korea orders artillery to be "combat ready" targeting US... more

Has Syrian President Assad been assassinated? John F. Kerry visits Iraq, and now this morning Afganistan unannounced. Syrian Rebel Leader wounded in Damascus his name Col. Riad Assad and had his foot amputated. Could the... more

Syrian President Bashar Assad is dead. He was shot by his Iranian bodyguard late Saturday Night March 23, 2013 and he was rushed to the Hospital in Damascus. His body guard is Mehdi Jacoby is being blamed for the... more

Pastor Nano Evans of Harvest Army Church Internationa Bronx, NY will be Paul's guest speaking on bible prophecy. Also Obama's farewell from Israel was cancelled because of a "Sand Storm". Also "Killer Hail" hits China leaving 24... more

Breaking news 4 rockets fired at President Obama as he visits Palestine President Abbas in the West Bank. Also President Obama's tree will now stay in the garden , but undergo testing. Also a major Palm Sunday Storm headed... more

President Obama has arrived in Jerusalem and his Limo (The Beast) broke down so he and Prime Minister Netanyahu took a helicopter and desended into Jerusalem. They are meeting and today "LIVE" on this show, full coverage of... more

56 people killed by 16 car blasts in Bagdad, Iraq. Also Syria rebels killed 16 people by chemical weapons. Also 16 people in mudslides in Brazil. Also 37 people killed in a bus crash in India. Also 7 Marines Killed and 9 injured by a... more

Syria Bombs Lebanon with missiles on the border with Syria. Also Israel may asked President Obama to strike Syria and President Assad because of chemical weapons. Also 13,000 dead pigs pulled from the Shanghai River in China. Also... more

Iran just launched an destroyer warship into the sea. Also North Korea warns world of Nuclear War to breakout. Also in New Jersey a Church has been locked out by it's confrence even though it is paid for. Also 12,566 dead pigs... more
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