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John F. Kerry says Syria must turn over the chemical weapons now to prevent an attack by the United States of America. Also Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is pushing Syrian President Assad to turn over all chemical weapons to... more

The world is on the "Brink of War" as American President Barak Obama prepares the American forces to attack Damascus, Syria. America has increased the number of targets and the number of days to attack Syria. Muslim Brotherhood... more

Russian President Putin calls America "Outlaws" if they attack Syria. Also Russia sends a warship with a "Special Cargo" to Syria. Also despite Russian President Putin saying only America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France are for... more

Pressure Mounts on President Obama from world leaders not to attack Syria at the G 20 Summit in Russia. Also UN Syria envoy is pressing G 20 leaders on a peace conference instead of war in Syria. Egyptian Interior Minister Mohammed... more

Russian Missile Cruiser is headed to the Mediterranean as President Vladimir Putin prepares to host the G 20 Summit. Also Putin warns against military action on Syria. Also Rosh Hashanah begins today at sunset Jerusalem time... more

BREAKING NEWS: Israel fires 2 rockets in the Mediterranean Sea and is question by Russia. Also America first denied having any involvement with Israel on the rocket test, but has since acknowledge the test. Israel has an "uneasy"... more

President Assad of Syria is defieant in the face of US strikes. Also Syrian Minister for Reconcilliation Ali Haidar is calling for a "Preemptive Strike on American Targets". Also USA Sec. of State John F. Kerry says "We are not going to lose... more

Breaking News "Syria says it will hit Tel Aviv first if Damascus is attacked by America and "Set Israel on fire". Also British Paliment rejected military action on Syria. French President Francois Hollande stands with President Obama and... more

Russia sends 12 Warships to Syria to protect Damascus from an attack by America and NATO. Also Egypt may "block" the Suez Canal from warships headed for Syria. Also Iran says "Thousands of Missiles to rain down on Israel"... more

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his great speech 50 years ago today and Pastor Paul Begley will play some of the speech on todays show. Also Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Maqdad sad the United States, United Kingdom, and... more
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