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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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Did Israel Strike Syria again? President Obama says Israel did and Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu will not confirm or deny the reports. Also Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky says Hillary Clinton lied under oath during the Bengazi hearings... more

Prophecy Alert: Israel PM Netanyahu calls Palestian President Abbas and offers peace. An Indiana Boy swallowed by a sinkhole 11 feet for 3 hours was pulled from the sand alive. Also the aftermath of the George Zimmerman Trial. Also a... more

Egyptian Army that fulfilled a coup after 14 million people protested against President Mohammad Mursi. 200 have died many of them are Muslim Brotherhood members attacking the Army. President Obama has ordered "Stop... more

Israel has given Egypt the "green light" to go ahead and attack the Muslim Brotherhood in the Sinai. The Muslim Brotherhood raiders and the Hamas terrorists attempted to kill Egyptian Army Commander Maj. General Ahmad... more

Could the Third Temple be built in 2014 along with a 7 year peace agreement and the "Blood Moons" over Jerusalem? Also is the NSA using "Nazi collection of data methods" under the PRSM phone and wire tapping scandal? Egypt Prosecutor... more

Rand Paul the Senator of Kentucky has compared the Obama Administrations use of drones and wire-tapping by the NSA and the abuse of the IRS to the "1984" Book by George Orwell. Also Sinkholes and rain in Albuquerque, New Mexico.... more

Egypt on the brink as 42 more were killed trying to attack the Army base holding former President Mohammad Mursi. Also Train Crash just happened in Russia 80 people injured. Also the Train Crash in Canada has left 5 dead and over 60... more

President Obama Executive Order will "Censorship Free Speech" even among public and private and Nonprofit sectors. Also Egypt on the brink of Civil war as the Army uses a popular uprising coup to take President Mohammad... more

Egypt Mohammad Mursi is out and New Temp President Adly Mansour is now in charge until elections are held later. Thousands of Pro-Mursi protestors are in the streets, but the Muslim Brotherhood are attacking Egytian Army in Suez and... more

Russian Rocket worth $ 200 Million carrying 3 GPS satellittes crashes to the earth. Also Catholic Priest "Monk" beheaded in Syria by the Muslim Brotherhood freedom fighters. Also 6.2 earthquake hits Indonesia leaves 1 dead dozens hurt.... more
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