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The United States Government still on Shutdown as tensions rise in Washington DC. Also Mass Animal deaths all over the world as the "Hosea Prophecy" continues to manifest around the earth. Will God use Iran President Hassan... more

Giant Hornets have now killed 42 people in China and stung 1,600 and left 37 in the hospital in critical condition. Are these Hornets the signs of Revelation chapter 9 Abaddon? Also will President Obama dissolve the US Congress? Also... more

Miriam Carey 34 was shot and killed by Capitol Police after bumping into the barriers near the White House, and fled to the Capitol. Why did they shoot and kill and unarmed woman with a baby? Is the New World Order being established... more

Has the United States Government gone thogh "Fire and Rain"? President Obama and Congressional leaders meet, but nothing happens as the USA government is closed. Also Tropical Storm Karen is headed toward Alabama. Also 42 peole... more

Could President Obama dissolve the Congress of the United States with the help of the Military? Why is FEMA Region 3 ready to go in Washington DC. The Congress is not speaking to each other and no plans to open the government is... more

President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu met in the White House to discuss Iran Nukes. Also The United States Government has Shutdown. Also Netanyahu is going to speak at the UN today. Also a Meteorite landed in Mexico... more

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will meet with President Obama today in the White House discussing the Iranian nuke program and peace in the middle east. Also wil the United States Government "Shutdown" as Pastor Paul Begley... more

President Obama calls Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for the first time the 2 nations have spoken by their leaders since 1979. Also a Pastor in Louisiana was shot dead preaching a revival in his church by the deacon. Also many metors... more

Greece democracy in danger of a coup by the Army Special Forces Reserve Union. Also Death toll tops 500 after Pakistan Mega Earthquake of 7.8 leaves the nation is pain. Also Sudan Security Forces opened fire on Sudanese proesters... more

John F. Kerry the Sec. of State of America announced that Israel and Palestianians will begin "intensify" the Peace Agreement talks. Also a 7.0 earthquake hits Peru, but no one injured or killed. Also 3 Trains collide in Texas... more
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