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Jessie Waltman of BPEarthwatch will be "Live" and Pastor Paul Begley's guest as the world holds it's breath as Comet ISON approaches the surface of the Sun. Will the Comet ISON survive? Will the Earth be hit by a Meteorite or Astroid?... more

Breaking News: Mark Halprin of Time Magazine and MSNBC News has confirmed that "Death Panels" are in the Obamacare Bill and Pastor Paul Begley will play his "Audio Statement" today on the show. Also NBC News broadcaster... more

Israel "Vows Whater is Necessary" to stop Iran the day after the signing of the 6 world powers of China, Russia, America, United Kingdom, France, and Germany with Iran of Nuclear Power. Also a 7.0 "Mega" earthquake hits off the cost of... more

Iran Nuke Deal is signed in Geneva as Russia, China, America, United Kingdom, France and Germany sign a deal with Iran. Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu is angry as he calls the deal "Historic Mistake". Also President Obama was holding... more

Seven Volcanoes have erupted in 6 countries as bible signs are happening everywhere. Also Comet ISON appears to be "Huge" maybe 5 times larger than NASA first guessed. Is this why NBC News and NASA gone quite about the... more

Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana will be interveiwing BPEarthWatch Channel scientist Jessie Waltman of the progress of the Comet ISON as it approaches the Sun. Also video proof of new "Obamacare RFID Microchip Machines"... more

President Obama has broken another promise as he is going to leave the American Army in Afghanistan for 10 more years or 2024. Also Breaking News: Iran is meeting with China in Geneva on Nuclear talks. Also Israel... more

Comet ISON has just been hit by a massive solar flare X1-class as it was passing by Mercury. Also Al-Qaeda linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades has claimed responsibility for 2 suicide blast that killed 23 and injured 146 on the attack of... more

Pastor Paul Begley will release "Audio" of President George H. W. Bush and Vice President Joe Biden speaking on the New World Order. Also Perry Stone Audio on the RFID Microchip implants and the mark of the Beast. 50 Tornados hit... more

Apocalyptic Weather as 50 tornados tore though Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri leaving 2 dead and 37 injured. Also a swarm of earthquakes hit the earth including 7.8 earthquake hit Scotia Sea. Also Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia... more
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