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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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President Obama is going to reveal his 3 year plan to defeat ISIS, but will it work or just empower the enemy? Also President is sending the Army and military personal to West Africa to fight "Ebola" outbreak. Also a Meteorite crashes into... more

Monsoon rains have killed 160 in India and 128 in Pakistan in the Kasmir region. Also a Temple has been submerged in the flood ravaged Kasmir area. Also Steven Hawking warns of the potential for man to destroy the universe with the... more

"Mike from around the World" will be a guest discussing the 500 days of Climate Chaos, Asteriod coming Sunday, and the upcoming Cosmic Storms propheised by David Wilkerson in 1973. The United States has killed 3 Top ISIS leaders... more

President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron of both America and England are in Wales meeting with NATO to confront ISIS and Russia agression. Also ISIS released a video threating Russian President Vladimir Putin.... more

The Shemitah or 7 year of rest found in Deuteronomy 15:1-6 has been revealed according to Johnathan Cahn the Author of "The Harbinger" that America may face economic meltdown During 2015. Also Libyan 11 missing Jetliners... more

USA Air Force attacks al-Shabab in Somalia and may have killed their leader Ahmed Abdi Godane and 5 others. Also ISIS Islamic State has taken over the Syrian Air Force and may be able to threaten the US Air Bases in the middle... more

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent 5,000 army soldiers into Eastern Ukraine and killed hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers. Also Putin has used Russian Fighter Jets and bombed a Ukrainian Coast Guard Vessel on the Black Sea.... more

ISIS has now relesed their plans to assassinate Pope Francis in Rome. Also ISIS has executed 250 Syrian soldiers naked in the desert. Also David Cameron of UK raises the terror threat level to Severe. Also earthquakes all over the world as... more

Russian 10 Paratroopers captured in Ukraine, although the paratroopers say "They are on vacation". Also Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko confirms that Russia has invaded Ukraine. Also the United Nations will meet with the UN... more

Today Fabian Calvo an Econimist will discuss "New World Order Economy" and the "Pump and Dump" of the Real Estate Market set up by President Obama. Also the Chairman of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Yusuf... more
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