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More people missing in Washington State as 14 confirmed dead and 176 missing as a "Mega Mudslide" melts the mountain side. Also a Cyclone Gillian is now headed toward the Malaysian Airplane search site as the prayers go up for the... more

BREAKING NEWS: Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razar proclaims that Malaysian Flight MH370 has crashed in the Indian Ocean and all 239 souls are dead. The United States and China and Austrailans have not confirmed this... more

Israel closes all 102 Embassies around the world as it's Knessett votes to fund $2.9 Billion dollars to go to war with Iran. Also the Malaysian Missing airplane co-piolits last 54 mins. conversation with the tower gives 2 clues to a possiable... more

Update on the missing Malaysian Plane as satalite images show 2 "objects" 1,500 miles off the coast of Australia. Also 157 dead pigs floating in the river in China again could be a sign of demons being released in the last days. Also... more

Another Banker "jumps" from his 6 story apartment building to his death as the total of bankers is now 24 in this very strange plot. Also Israel strike backs an attacks on the Syrian border leaving 1 dead and 7 wounded. Also Russian... more

Vldimir Putin annexing Crimea from Ukraine and interim Ukrainian Government to beware. Also Pope Francis has been invited to speak to before Congress in and historical event. Is the Pope begining to help establish the One World Religion?... more

Crimeans voted by 95% today voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia even as Russian troops of 50,000 troops in the streets and taken over 37 military bases and one airport. Also the Missing Malaysian Plane flight MH 370 with... more

The Malaysian Airplane missing for 7 days has new reports that the plane sent signals to a satellite for 4 hours proving the pilots turn off the Radar sencors and indicators and flew somewhere. Also Russian has sent more troops to 3 different... more

Where is the missing Malaysia Airline Jet with 239 people on board? Did some Government hijack the plane and hid it on a secret Island like Coco Island? Is the New World Order about to rise? Has the Anti-Christ begun to rise to World... more

Massive Explosion destroys 2 buildings in New York City so far 1 dead and 16 injured and many missing. Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana will cover the live process on the air today on the broadcast. Also Ukraine Russian Crisis. Also... more
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