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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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The United States F.A.A. halts on USA flights into Israel after a Hamas rocket hits within 1 mile of the International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. Also now the death toll of Israeli soldiers rises to 29 and over 650 dead in Gaza as Hamas continues... more

Thousands and Thousands of Dead Fish wash up on Manresa Beach near Santa Cruz, California as the Hosea Prophecy continues. Also American Sec. of State John F. Kerry arrives in Cairo, Egypt in bid to broker cease fire between Israel... more

A Christian Holocaust is underway in Iraq as the USA and the World sits silently by and looks on. Also a 6.9 earthquake just hit Fiji Island and Tusanmai warnings in effect. Also over 500 people dead in the fighting in Gaza and also 15... more

Israeli war in Gaza gets very ugly as 70 Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers lay dead and 13 tunnels are destroyed in the Gaza Strip. Also Hamas says they have captured one Israili soldier. Also USA Sec. of State John F. Kerry "Smacks... more

Malaysian Airline Flight 17 "Shot Down" over Ukraine by "Pro-Russian Seperatist" after receiving anti-aircraft weapons from President Putin of Russia leaves 298 dead cilivians on board. Also President Obamas response to the world.... more

Bible Prophecy, End Times, Apocalypse, Revelation, and a powerful understanding of the current world events and how they relate to bible prophecy. Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

Israel has been attacked on 4 fronts for the first time since 1967 also during a "4 Blood Moon Tetrad. Also Israel air raids kill 4 Syrians in Golan Heights. Also Israel targets homes of Senior Hamas leaders. Also "Huge" 262ft hole... more

Israel has accepted the ceasefire from Egypt, but Hamas rejected the ceasefire and fired 40 rockets at Israel. Also Israel has resummed the war and may bring about a ground invasion. Also a train derail in a subway in Moscow killing 20 and... more

Israeli Commander is seeking God's help to fight the "Blasphemous Gazans" was proclaimed by Givati Brigade Commander Colonel Ofer Winter as he told his subordinaties. He quoted as saying "History has chosen us to spearhead the... more

Israel has warned the citizens of the Gaza Strip to flea their homes and thousands have in anticipation of a ground invasion by the IDF. Also the Hamas from Gaza have fired almost 1,000 rockets into Israel and Israel has responded by hitting... more
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