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Dallas Texas has the first Ebola patient and how many people did he encounter? Also ISIS has fought to the gates of Baghdad, Iraq and Babylon is ready to fall. Also water is being rationed in California or face fine of $ 500. Also Wall... more

Bill Gates says that Ebola will spread beyond West Africa as Pastor Paul Begley wrote in his book "Mark of the Beast RFID" that Gates would be involved in spreading a virus that would kill millions of people in Africa. Also the Georgia... more

Hong Kong is experiencing riots as thousands of students have taken to the streets as citizens of Hong Kong do not want mainland China to turn their democracy back to communisim. Also the riots in Hong Kong are causing... more

Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana will reveal a very powerful "Prophetic Dream America Afflicted" tonight on this "LIVE" broadcast. Muslims surrounded the Police Chief at the press confrenece in Oklahoma where the Muslim man Nolen... more

The Chicago Airports of O'Hare and Midway have been shutdown as a man was stabbed and a fire broke out in the basement of the FAA causing chaos though out the entire nation. Also ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has... more

Amazing Reports from Liberia that 2 women have rasied from dead although they died from Ebola. America and it's coalition forces have bombed 12 oil refineries in Syria controled by ISIS or Islamic State. Also the DOW has dropped 200... more

President Obama give his speech at the United Nations and goes after Russian President Putin over the invasion of Ukraine. Also Obama says America will "Destroy The Network of Death" or ISIL. Also President Obama says "We will... more

President Obama has attacked ISIS with 5 Arab Muslim Nations inside Syria with fighter jets, drones, rockets, missiles in the middle of the night. Also Israel shot down a Syrian Plane that crossed into Israeli air space for the first time since... more

Revival Fires of Salvation are sweeping though Israel as many Jews are following the end time prophies of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri. Also China and Iran will conduct joint naval drills in the Persian Gulf as the "Beast of the East is rising". Also... more

Tonight Heidi Begley will Join Pastor Paul Begley and as they cover the end time prophecy of the current events taking place around the world. Also Heidi Begley will explain "Could Ebola Be The First of the 7 last Plagues of... more
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