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Vice President Joe Biden urges Air Force Cadets to help "Shape a New World Order" in a push for a One World Government the biblical "Beast". Also Pope Francis has set a "Prayer Meeting" for June 8, 2014 at the Vatican with Israeli... more

French Foreign Minister Lauren Fabius stated on video standing next to John Kerry that there only "500 Days Left" until Climate Chaos will take place. Also Egypt's New Elected President is Abdel Fattah al-Sisi the General who arrested... more

The Bilderburg List is out and the power brokers of the banks, military, cyber sercurity, treasery, technology and much more gather to make decsions for the World. Also Edward Snowden admitts he is a "Spy" for the United States... more

Prophetic Alert: A fire has broken out at the Bethlehem Church of Nativity at the "Star of Nativity" at the place Jesus Christ was born. Also The White House accidental release of the Afghanistan CIA chief's name by mistake to 6,000... more

Pope Francis has arrived in the Holy Land and as he rode down the streets of Bethlehem he was cheered and praised by the Palestinian Christians. Also Pope Francis invited both Palestinian President Abbas and Israeli President Shimon... more

The White House did contact YouTube during the Benghazi Attack and blamed the anti-islamic video for the attack on Benghazi consulate that left UN Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other diplomats dead. Also Pope Francis is... more

Breaking News as Thailand's Army Cheif announces a military coup and has taken over the nation. Also USA Sec. of State John F. Kerry announced that the United States has given up on "Peace In Israel". Also Pope Francis is facing... more

Fukushima Nuclear Daiichi Power Plant in Japan has begun pumping (radioactive groundwater) into the Pacific Ocean. Also NASA has annouced that Meteors will explode on the Moon during the passage of the Comet LINEAR on May 24,... more

"Mike from around the world" will explain what fell in China "UFO" and what was really on the Russian Rocket that exploded in space. Also Thailand is declared under Martial Law as the Army takes over the streets. Also 40 foot... more

Pope Francis will call for the "End of the Occupation" and visit Jordan then Bethleham before making a short visit with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Is this the begining of the pressure on Israel to sign a "Peace Agreement" or... more
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