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Israel helps Kenya end the siege at the mall in Kenya but 68 are dead and over 175 wounded. Also over 100 are dead in Pakistan as Muslim Militants set off 2 bombs and kill Christians as they leave Church alos 120 wounded or more. Also... more

Iran President Hassan Rouhani will speak at the UN and so will President Obama , but will they sit down and meet on Nuclear Weapons? Also Comet ISON is coming as now 2 other Comets are going to join in as New Comet Lovejoy and... more

Pastor Paul Begley returns from Germany and world is still in choas. Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Floods have detroyed Colorada, Japan, and Mexico. Also Top Musilim Brotherhood Offical and former Bill Clinton Foundation Employee... more

BREAKING NEWS: Syrian President Assad agree's to turn over Chemical Weapons to an International Group. Russian President Putin may have "out crafted" President Obama after Sec. of State John F. Kerry in a throw away... more

John F. Kerry says Syria must turn over the chemical weapons now to prevent an attack by the United States of America. Also Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is pushing Syrian President Assad to turn over all chemical weapons to... more

The world is on the "Brink of War" as American President Barak Obama prepares the American forces to attack Damascus, Syria. America has increased the number of targets and the number of days to attack Syria. Muslim Brotherhood... more

Russian President Putin calls America "Outlaws" if they attack Syria. Also Russia sends a warship with a "Special Cargo" to Syria. Also despite Russian President Putin saying only America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France are for... more

Pressure Mounts on President Obama from world leaders not to attack Syria at the G 20 Summit in Russia. Also UN Syria envoy is pressing G 20 leaders on a peace conference instead of war in Syria. Egyptian Interior Minister Mohammed... more

Russian Missile Cruiser is headed to the Mediterranean as President Vladimir Putin prepares to host the G 20 Summit. Also Putin warns against military action on Syria. Also Rosh Hashanah begins today at sunset Jerusalem time... more

BREAKING NEWS: Israel fires 2 rockets in the Mediterranean Sea and is question by Russia. Also America first denied having any involvement with Israel on the rocket test, but has since acknowledge the test. Israel has an "uneasy"... more
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