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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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Special Show Tonight as todays Solar eclipse caused a rare hybrid. Also 33 earthquakes over 4.0 hit different parts of the earth. Also 3 quakes over 5.0 hit Fukushima Japan the rocked the crippled Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Also... more

Pastor Paul Begley of Indina will interview Messianc Rabbi Steven Ben DeNoon on Middle East Issues including: 1. Israel and Palestinian Peace agreement 2. Pope Francis I gives the "Pen of Peace" to Palestinian President Abbas 3.... more

A prophtic sign was seen over Norway as an aurora was seen because of the strong CME coming from the solar flares on the Sun. Also a 6.7 earthquake rattles Taiwan, but so far no deaths or injury. Also Egypt accuses the Muslim... more

Comet ISON is causing X-Class Solar Flares on the Sun and may be also effecting the earth with swarms of earthquakes according to BPEarthWatch on you tube. Also Obamacare has caused over 1.5 million people to lose... more

Pastor Paul Begley will give insight and highlights to the CBS 60 Minutes interveiw on Benghazi with Morgan Jones. Also 26 prisonors released again in the "Middle East Peace Talks" by Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu. Also breaking... more

CBS 60 Minutes breaking info as UN Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 others died in the attacks in Benghazi, Libya and the truth of the story. Also NSA breaking info as President Obama is accused of spying on 35 World Leaders.... more

A new ATM machine that will give you Canadian Dollars for exchange of your "Bitcoins" currency is going to be tested in Vancover, Canada. Also 16 horses fall dead at a farm near Fukushima Power Plant in Japan. Also Mt. Etna erupts in... more

CBS NEWS is going to break a report on the meeting the President had with some of his staff on the secerity of Benghazi, Libya the night before the attack. Also Iran may have the bomb in a month. Also "Fogmageddon" has covered... more

Prophecy Alert: Muslim Militants (Brotherhood) and or (Al-Qaeda) hit the main pipeline and cut off all power to Damascus, Syria with a massive explosion. Also Apocalyptic Typhoon Francisco is headed for the crippled Fukushima Nuclear... more

Mark Benfield a sciencist from Louisiana State University is now asking if the Oarfish washing up on the beaches of California could be a "Harbinger of Doom" earthquake for California? Also a massive eruption solor flare of M4-Class hit... more
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