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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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PROPHECY ALERT: The top Jewish Rabbis have called "Heavenly Punishment on John Kerry" for his trying to destroy the Israeli people and the land of the nation of Israel. Also Pope Francis will host a mass worship service in... more

Solar Flares, earthquakes, volcanoes, and metors and last days signs. your host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana

Iran Threatens United States and West and Israel "We Won't Leave Zionist With Air To Breathe". Also Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu accepts Kerry's peace proposal framework. Also Palestinian "Fatah" wants Kerry prosecuted for... more

Israel accepts "Peace Agreement Framework Proposal" from US Sec. of State John Kerry. Also Kerry threatened Israel of an econimic boycott if peace agreement is not signed. Also Indonesia Volcano erupted and killed 16. Also a... more

Joel Haler the man who was paralyzed, but a dream and a prophecy from a 4 year old child came to pass as Joel was healed by a "Miracle". Joel will be Pastor Paul's guest today. Also Apocalypic Storm Brigid with 150 MPH winds heads... more

Iran can now make the Nuclear Bombs according to Director of Nattional Intelligence James Clapper. President Obama will meet with Jordan King Abdullah II in California on Feb. 14, 2014. Also the Ice storm has shut down Atlanta,... more

President OBAMA State of the Union results. Also Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan arrives in Iran to meet with President Rouhani. Also Snow predicted to fall in Hawaii while ice shuts down the city of Atlanta. Also Thousands of... more

Magnetosphere or "global Pole Shift" is about to hsappen according to scientist and it is confirmed in Isaiah. Also Vladimir Putin has now joined Palestinian President Abbas as a sponcer inthe Middle East Peace Process. Also a giant... more

Pope John Paul II "blood" stolen in a small chapel in Italy. Also a cry is goinf out to rebuild the Temple of the Lord in jerusalem. Also the dove of peace released by Pope Francis I was attacked by a sea gull and a black crow. Also Nort... more

Heidi Begley will join her husband Paul as the Vatican in Rome as Pope Francis releases 2 "Peace doves" at St. Peters Square in front of tens of thousands they were attacked by a sea gull and a black crow. Also Greece was hit with a 6.1... more
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