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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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Economist Fabian Calvo Author of "The Coming Global Economic Reset" will be Pastor Paul Begley's guest today to discuss the new law H.R. 2847 and the collapse of the dollar by July 1, 2014 and the dead bankers. Also Breaking news... more

Breaking News "Syria Damascus" reports are coming forth from "The Times of Israel" that Syrian President Assad used Poison Gas 30 times on civilans causing mass deaths. Also Syrian TV is reporting that a "Huge Explosion" has... more

An explosion in Iran has left 12 dead and atleast 50 injured and may have "Nuclear Origins" as a massive fire and destruction is taking place. Also Boko Haram has murdered another 300 people in Nigeria near the border of... more

The 6.0 Earthquake in Thialand has "Beheaded Buddha" Statue and cause some damage and left 1 person dead. Also the Iranian Navy Chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi declares that they aim to... more

War has broken out in Ukraine as dozens injured and death on both sides of the Ukrainian Government Forces and the Pro-Russian Militants. Also Ukrainian Jews prpared to evacuate as violence in Ukraine raises to the level of War. Also more... more

"Bus Size Asteroid" just missed the Earth early Saturday Morning May 3, 2014 causing questions about NASA. Also Japan was just hit with a 6.0 earthquake and buildings were shaken in Tokyo. Also a 6.6 and a 6.1 earthquakes hit Fiji Islands... more

Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana will discuss End Time Prophecy and current world events in a 2 hour special at 12:00PM EDT today.

The River Lotzwil in Switzerland has turned blood red as the apocaliptic signs of the end times are all around us. Also a sinkhole in Baltmore Maryland swallows several cars along a city block. Also Flood waters in Pensacola, Florida has left... more

Tornadoes continue to tear though the nation of America as now 34 people have died in 6 different states. Also in the Middle East the "2 State solution is dead" and now it is time for armed conflict according to the leaders of Fatah. Also... more

Sec. of State John F. Kerry insulted Israel as he compares the Jewish State to Apartheid. Also 69 Tornadoes kill 9 people and destroy many homes and buildings in Mississippi and Alabama and Kentucky. Also Pro-Russian miliatants... more
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