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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his great speech 50 years ago today and Pastor Paul Begley will play some of the speech on todays show. Also Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Maqdad sad the United States, United Kingdom, and... more

Russian Ship has left Syria with familes of Syrian Government "High Brass". Also Israeli intelligence is now seen as the central to US case against Syria. Also Arab Leage accuses Syrian President Assad of chemical attack. Also Sec. of State... more

Syria is a ticking time bomb as America, and the UK and France and Turkey and Germany are preparing to strike Damascus with cruise missiles in reponse to the chemical attacks. Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana will discuss the Jeremiah 49... more

President Obama says he is 95% sure that Syrian President Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. Russia warned Obama (about attacking Syria) not to make the same mistake it did in 2003 when the Americans attack Iraq over... more

Andy Firecharger will be Pastor Paul Begley's guest today discussing middle east issues and bible prophecy. Israel attacks Lebanon because of the 4 rockets they fired into Israel. Also 2 blast at 2 mosques in Tripoli, Lebanon leaves 27 dead.... more

Breaking News: Egyptian Ex-President Hosni Mubarak has just been released from Jail. Also several rockets have been fired from Lebanon and hit Northern Israel no casualties or damage. Also Lebanon Hezbollah Commander has been... more

Pastor Paul Begley calls (Live) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's office and asked if Churches or Pastors or Christian Counsulors or Christian Therapists or Social workers would be under this new law Bill 3371. Also hundreds are dead... more

Egyptian Former President Hosni Mubarak is going to be let out of prison tommorrw August 21, 2013 and could be reinstated back as the President of Egypt. Also Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohammed Badie was arrested and is... more

Breaking News: Egypt is going to set free former President Hosni Mubarak from prison and fulfill Isaiah 19:11-13 bible prophecy. Also 92.3% of American Federal employees "Don't Want Obamacare". Also 37 people run over by a train in... more

Egypt is on the brink as over 800 or more are dead as the Egyptian Army Government "Slams" the Muslim Brotherhood protestors in Cairo. Also Bible Prophecy Teacher Darrell Myatt of Dallas, Texas will be Pastor Paul Begley's... more
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