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Bible Teacher Paul Franklin of Indianapolis, Indiana will reaveal a powerful revealtion from Zechariah Chapter 5 of Gog and Magog and the ISIS demon. Also in Dallas Texas the Deputy Sheffiff that served the Quarantine Order to... more

The Second Blood Moon rises with a powerful message of the coming of the Lord. Also Doug and Joe Hagmann will be Pastor Paul Begley's guest as the "Blood Moon" rises and what does it mean for America. Also the World's Strongest... more

Ebola outbreak in India as a Japanese tourist visiting India contracts the dealy plague. Also a Spanish nurse in Madrid has contracted Ebola and says it is substandard equipment that cause the plague to hit her. Also ISIS fighting along... more

Iran and explosion has killed 2 people and shaken buildings 15 KM away at a plant known for building nuclear weapons. Also President Obama signed an Executive Order of Conversion Authority for the ATF that could build a "Brown... more

Thomas Duncan from Liberia has died in Dallas Texas from Ebola as the first patient to die in America. Also in Kansas City an apartment has been "Sealed Off" as a patient has been taken to Research Medical Center Brookside Campus... more

Today is the "Day of Atonement" or Yom Kippur and Pastor Paul Begley will read scripture from the old and new testaments on this very powerful day. Also NBC cameraman working in Liberia has contacted "Ebola" and has been flown back... more

Dallas Texas health officials have said that now 80 people came in contact with Thomas Eric Duncan and are now being monitored and 4 people placed under "Orders" from someone in the US Government to remain at home and under go... more

Dallas Texas has the first Ebola patient and how many people did he encounter? Also ISIS has fought to the gates of Baghdad, Iraq and Babylon is ready to fall. Also water is being rationed in California or face fine of $ 500. Also Wall... more

Bill Gates says that Ebola will spread beyond West Africa as Pastor Paul Begley wrote in his book "Mark of the Beast RFID" that Gates would be involved in spreading a virus that would kill millions of people in Africa. Also the Georgia... more

Hong Kong is experiencing riots as thousands of students have taken to the streets as citizens of Hong Kong do not want mainland China to turn their democracy back to communisim. Also the riots in Hong Kong are causing... more
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