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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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The Iluminati has turned on the CERN on this Friday 13th, and the world prepares for the collison of the protons and the "Gates of Hell" to open. Also 4 major cyclones including a Category 5 Pam has hit Vanuatu with apocalyptic winds... more

Russian President Vladimir Putin is being "Blamed" for the assassination of Boris Nemtsov according to his daughter Zhanna Nemtsova on a live TV interview in Italy on BBC News. Also Ferguson Police Chief resigns and still citizens protest... more

Four Years ago today on March 11, 2011 a 9.0 "Mega Mega" earthquake hit Japan followed by a massive Tsunami and 6 nuclear reactors melting down and 26,000 lives lost. Pastor Paul Begley will reflect on this bibllical event on today's... more

Mike From Around the World will be Pastor Paul Begley's guest to reveal new information on the "Secrets of the CERN" and how it will affect our world as we know it. Also a "Massive Solar Flare M5-Class released CME's facing the earth.... more

Boko Haram has joined forces with ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) but today hundreds of armies of Chad and NIger attacked Boko Haram in Nigeria and are defeating them as we speak. Also American Pastor Saeed Abedini is "Shaken"... more

One Year after the disappearence of Malaysian Flight MH 370 Jeff Wise reveals a new book with a theory of Russia hijacking the airplane and landed it in Kazakhstan on orders from President Vladimir Putin. Also a toddler was rescued... more

Iran announced it might agree to a 10 year "Freeze" on some of the Nuclear work on enriched urainium of weapons grade. Also Russian soldiers are dying in Ukraine and President Vladimir Putin can not deny much longer Russia's... more

Iranian Supreme Leader Khemenei has been placed in a hospital and is near death during Puriam 48 hours after Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed the evil plan of Iran as they pursue the Nuclear Bomb and meet with John Kerry of... more

How secure could Hillary Clinton's personal emails be? Also did Hillary Clinton "hide emails of Benghazi coverup"? Also does Edward Snowden have Hillary Clinton's emails about Benghazi? Also an explosion at a coal mine in Ukraine... more

Pastor Paul Begley will expand the coverage of the speech given at the US Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and other current news events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God.
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