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Pastor Paul Begley

Coming Apocalypse


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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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The World Health Organization predicts that 4 million people from the Americas will be infected with the "Zika Virus". Also reports show that the Oxitec Company created a GMO or Genetically engineered mosquitoes to kill the weak Aedes... more

Oregon Standoff turns deadly Ammon Bundy arrested with 7 others and 1 shot dead in a road block in Oregon by ATF and Oregon State Police. Also Zika Virus spreads into Arkansas and Virginia. Also Locust swarms Argentina. Also Donald... more

Russia announces that China is sending 5,000 Elite Troops to Syria to help Russia fight ISIS. Also Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visits Pope Francis at the Vatican today. Also the 2 makers of the Planned Parenthood videos... more

Has the New World Order begun to rise as Syria continues to be at war, ISIS has aquired lethal Sarin Gas. Also did the NWO create the "Zika Virus" with a GMO approach to cause sterilation in Brazil during the 2016 Olymic Games? Also... more

Alaska is hit with a 7.1 Quake and followed by 82 quakes in 24 hours most of them in Alaska. Also "Blizzard Jonas leaves 19 deaths record snow falls and massive flooding along the east coast of America. Also in Colombia 5,000 cases... more

Blizzard Jonas hits Washington DC and across America with Blizzard Force. Washington DC expected to get 2 feet of snow. Also high winds, snow, ice, sleet, rain, floods, and much more with white out condintions. Also the CDC issues a... more

NASA and other scientist have discovered "Planet Nine" or is it Planet X? Nibiru? Could NASA and the world governmnts slowly preparing the general public that something is coming towards the Earth? Also a sign of the "CROSS" was seen... more

Wall Street is "Wailing" as the Dow is Down -365 points and the World Markets are also falling as the pice of crude oil is down under $ 28 dollars a barrel. Also the "Word on the Streets" is that the Harney District Hospital is beefing... more

Stephen Hawking says "Man will destroy the earth in less than 100 years. Also Planet X is being confirmed by 3 Autistic Jewish men in Jerusalem. Also Asteroid TX 68 is headed toward the Earth. Also Global World Markets are... more

Earthquake warnings for the Northwestern USA as the Cascadia Subduction Zone is shifting. Also Donald Trump Speaks at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Also Russian air campaign in Syria halts ISIS advance into Iraq. Also the CERN has... more
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