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Israeli Commander is seeking God's help to fight the "Blasphemous Gazans" was proclaimed by Givati Brigade Commander Colonel Ofer Winter as he told his subordinaties. He quoted as saying "History has chosen us to spearhead the... more

Israel has warned the citizens of the Gaza Strip to flea their homes and thousands have in anticipation of a ground invasion by the IDF. Also the Hamas from Gaza have fired almost 1,000 rockets into Israel and Israel has responded by hitting... more

Perry Stone's "Black Flag Prophecy" about ISIS is on the money and Pastor Paul Begley will reveal Pastor Stone's sermon notes. Also Lebanon rockets strike Israel as Gaza offensive intensifies. Also Gaza rocket from Hamas hits a... more

al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS has seized chemical weapons and 88 pounds of Uranium on Northern Iraq and is headed for Baghdad. Also Hamas seeks a quality terrorist attack on Israel but frogmen are killed attempting to invade... more

Israel is burning as Hamas and the Palestinians fired 100 rockets into Israel wounding one Israeli citizen. Israel responded by hitting 40 Hamas targets and the Assassination of a Senior Level Hamas Commander Muhammed Shaban and 4... more

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his radical Islamic group of murders have now destroyed 10 Mosque in the city of Mosul in Iraq while killing all non-muslims and Christians they meet. Is Baghdadi the muslim "Mahdi" or 12th Imam? Also... more

"Mike From Around the World" will be Pastor Paul Begley's first guest talking about "Extreme Weather Patterns" rain, floods, hail, high winds, hurricanes, sinkholes, asteroids, solar flares and comet dust affecting the Earth. Also... more

Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi the leader of ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has declared "Rome will be conquered next". Also an earthquake of 4.0 hit just off the coast of Israel near Haifa as tensions between Jews and Palestinians rise as a... more

Israel has attacked Gaza Strip hitting 34 targets of Hamas after the 3 bodies of the kidnapped teens were found near Hebron. Also Palestianian people attacked the ambulance carrying the bodies of the 3 teens causing tensions to raise to... more

The New World Order is altering the "Social Media" as Facebook experiment proves that social networks can alter your mood and as Pastor Paul Begley's live broadcast was effected by the NSA last night. Also Extreme Weather has hit... more
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