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Pastor Paul Begley

Coming Apocalypse


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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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"Cataclysmic Lightning" hits in Waterloo, Illinois as tornado's tear though the Nation and fearful sights and great signs are being seen in the heavens. Also CERN has started to turn and bring great concern as the first successful beam... more

Massive Tornados tear though America hitting Fairdale, Illinois and near Rockford Illinois leaving 1 dead and 17 injured. Also in Morocco in a road collision 31 young athletes are dead as a bus crash has happened. Also California's Drought could... more

Matthew Jonathan Wright "Code Searcher" will join today as his guest on the Coming Apocalypse. Also Greeck Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras met with Russian President Putin in Moscow. Also Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan says the... more

As soon as the "Iran Nuke Deal" was signed, Iran has stepped up military movements as Iran deploys warshiips off the coast of Yemen to give cover to the Houthi Rebels who took over the government of Yemen. Also Saudi Arabia has... more

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee orderd the Chinese Flag to be flown over the State Capitol and angers Vets and Patriots as they demanded it be taken down. Also at the White House the "Passover Seder Meal" was hosted by... more

Residents from Kudahuvadhoo Island have signed sworn statements they saw "Missing Flight MH 370" as it flew very low over their Island. Also 11Radio bursts all with a perfect mathematical pattern of 187.5 has been detected by Michael... more

The CERN has been turned back on and the World may be in for a World Wide Awakening. Also Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu continues to attack on the Iranian Nuclear agreement and he says "It's a very bad deal".... more

On the Eve of Passover Pastor Paul Begley will preform a "LIVE" Communion Service by the taking of the "Bread and the Wine" on todays broadcast. Also the Frame Work of the "Iran Nuke Deal" is done and Israel is very upset. Also... more

Al Shaabab has attacked a Christian Garissa University College in Kenya and shot dead 15 wounded 65 and captured 500 and it is still going on. Also Super Typhoon Maysak is due to hit the Philippines on the "Blood Moon" and is now a... more

New "Mark of the Beast" Technology is being introducted into a bill in Congress by both parties (H.R. 1147) as a National ID Card with sensitive biometric data. Also ISIS the (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) wants a truce or they say they... more
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