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Pastor Paul Begley

Coming Apocalypse


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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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Stock Markets around the world are crashing as the "Black Horsemen of the Apocalypse" rides. Also the China Market falls 9% and most Asian Markets fall 5% the Wall Street Dow Jones is sitting at -500 and may fall even more as the... more

Pastor Paul Begley will share tonight 23 reasons this is a "September to Remember" as the endtimes events and prophecy continue to bring the soon return of Jesus Christ. Also a "Massive Explosion" at a US Army Base in Japan... more

Syria attacks Israel with 4 rockets and Israel strikes back killing 6 "Islamic Jihad" members as Syria now threatens to attack again from the Golan Heights. Also North Korea fires 4 rockets into South Korea and South Korea fires back... more

North Korea and South Korea fire rockets at each other and the rumors of war continue. Also and Explosion in Cairo, Egypt leaves 4 dead 12 injured. Also 200 birds fall dead in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Also Twin Typhoons head toward millions in... more

Fabian Calvo will join Pastor Paul Begley to discuss the economy and the current "Currency Crisis of China" also Greece and the United States of America. Also the United States Navy has deployed the USS Kentucky Nuclear Submarine into... more

Mike From Around the World will Join Pastor Paul Begley today as the first wave of the 5 waves of Energy hits the earth today. Also massive explosions of Chemical Plants in China, Russia, Houston Texas and Terre Haute Indiana. Also... more

Massive explosions everywhere in the World as the CERN turns will the earth burn? Also chemical explosion in China leaves 112 dead and 90 missing and 700 injured in Hospital. Also Chemical explosions in Moscow Russia and Houston... more

China continues to look for missing after massive explosion. 56 dead, many missing 720 injured and new concerns of toxic and hazardous chemicals that officials refuse to disclose specifics. Planned Parenthood puts out sixth video... more

Did CERN cause a massive explosion in China that has left 50 dead and over 700 injured. Could the China explosion have been a "Nuclear Blast"? Also what cause the Russia explosion in Moscow? Meteorites, CERN or Nukes? Also a... more

Sec. of State John F. Kerry has just warned that if Congress "Kills the Iran Nuke Deal" that the US Dollar will no longer be the Reserve Currency of the World. Also China's currency fell 1.9% yesterday and 1% today causing the Dow Jones to... more
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