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Pastor Paul Begley

Coming Apocalypse


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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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Ex Russian KGB agents said to be behind a plot to get radioactive materials to ISIS. Violence continues in Israel with a stabbing in Jerusalem and a woman's car was surrounded and the crowd started throwing rocks breaking out... more

Bible Prophecy with the Current Events, Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq now?

L.A. Marzulli will join Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana tonight with the "Days of Chaos" as biblical prophecy is being fulfilled befor our very eyes. Also Pastor Paul Begley expresses great concerns as his book predicted "Jerusalem Jihad" or... more

Chris Haprer Mercer shot dead 9 students and wounded 10 others before being shot down by Police. Mercer asked each student their religion if they said Christians "He Shot Them In The Head". Also Russia continues to bomb... more

Russia has attacked Syria in Holms not ISIS and only gave the United States a 1 hour warning as Russian Planes ordered by President Vladimir Putin strike in Syria and tell the United States to "Stand Down" and get US war planes out of... more

President Obama and Russian President Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani all gave speeches before the United Nations and "Syria" is the hop topic. Also Taiwan has been hit with a Typhoon leaving 2 dead 300 injured... more

Tensions are rising all over the World as the "Blood Moon Rises" over Jerusalem. Also President Obama will be meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the United Nations in New York tonight at 5PM EDT. Also President Obama... more

Chuck Missler of Koinonia Institute a strategic international bible prophecy teacher will be joining Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana to discuss Middle East Bible Prophecy in Syria with Russia Invasion, Iranian Nuke Deal, Pope Francis visit to... more

Pope Francis arrives in Washington DC and meets with President Obama and is being "Praised" in a parade on the streets of Washington DC. Also the CERN is cranking up to 99.9% of the speed of light. Also today is Yom Kipper the "Day... more

Afghan officers chain young boys to their beds to use for sex slaves. Our military men and women suffered undue distress as they are told to look the other way. Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr told his father Gregory Buckley Sr. how... more
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