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Pastor Paul Begley

Coming Apocalypse


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Current News Events, Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the Word of God

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Country Gospel Singer Kevin Wilson breaks out his new Music CD on today's broadcast. Also Is Turkish President Erdogan the Anti-Christ or just acting like it? Also Democrat Debbie Wasserman Shultz gets booed off stage and... more

Massive Shooting in Ft. Myers, Florida at a teen night club leaves 2 dead and 16 wounded and the mass media is not concerned. Also Russia is building up troops along the NATO Nations borders and some experts fear a "Russian Invasion Of... more

Thousands rally and march in 60 cities for Bernie Sanders as the Wikileaks emails from the Democratic National Committee expose the Super Delegate "Scam" to put Hillary Clinton into the White House and to slander Bernie Sanders and his... more

Russian Warplanes bombed a Secret US Airbase in Syria, and then signed a deal with each other on how to work together on the Air Strikes in Syria. Also North Korea's Secret Facility for Nuclear Weapons has been found. Also Donald... more

Dr. Ben Carson says Hillary Clinton is "Under Lucifer" as she met and followed the doctrine of Saul Alinsky and called him her "Role Model" and now America must make a Choice. Also Ted Cruz "Boo" he is chanted to get off the stage at... more

Ronnie McMullen will join Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana to discuss "Current News and Events" and also his "Amazing Tea" that takes the "Toxins" out of your body. Also Donald J. Trump offical GOP Presidental Nominee. Also the Rio Olympic... more

L.A. Marzulli will join Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana to discuss "Return of the Giants" the Nephilims and the bones of the Philistine cemetery and much more scientific information as the end times are increasing. Also The Group End... more

Joe Hagmann of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report will Join Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana to discuss the "Chaos In Cleveland" and the Baton Rouge Shooting. Also they will discuss "Failed Turkey Coup" and the "Nice France... more

Dr. Joye will join Pastor Paul Begley on "Sunday Night Live" to discuss the "Illuminati Influence" upon the World. Also the "All Seeing Eye" and the Masonic Plan for America and the World. Also 6 Police Officers shot by Galvin Long... more

Mike From Around the World will join Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana to discuss today's "Day Of Rage" with special Pysch Ops in the plan of the Illuminati. Also Nice France Bastille Day Atrocity has left 84 dead and over 100 wounded as a... more
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