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An American

An American


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COME NOVEMBER is hosted by political commentator Karl Hosch who has started this series... 7-10 PM ET every day, that seeks to awaken Americans to the facts and TRUTH on how to Give America Back to the People!  An awesome, positive, non-dogmatic, non-partisan journey.  Join In!!!

The main focus of this show can be best summed up in this statement written by Karl:  "A People Must Take The Time And Make The Effort To Ensure The Honesty, Sincerity And Devotion Of Their Government To The Peoples' Individual Rights And Freedoms... So That The People Can Become The Controllers Of Their Own Destiny Through That Government"   ALSO,  "Dont Look At The Problem And Say Why?... Look At The Solution, And Say Why Not?"  The Time Is NOW!!!

Karl is a writer, researcher, commentator and a person that is proud to consider himself to be an AMERICAN... that stands on and believes in the tenants of the U.S. Constitution and the guarantees of its wonderful Bill Of Rights!

The show COME NOVEMBER gets its inspiration from Karl's book, also entitled COME NOVEMBER.  It is a book that actually presents a scenario of ANY kind that shows how a Presidential Candidate could be elected in this country that would actually be EMPOWERED and ENABLED to implement the REAL changes that need to be made in order to give America Back To The People!

COME NOVEMBER will be on every night as mentioned, and will be a cornerstone in the building of an America that we can treasure.  

Come... listen, learn, speak and share what has happened, what is happening and what are the best ways to really fulfill the dreams of our great Founding Fathers!   Yes... JOIN IN!!!