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We are women talking all about comedy things in life! We cover current events, fashion, entertainment, music, improv, sketch, TV, film, and errythang in between!

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Lets face it - this is not 1985, Actors have no need to wait next to their phones for audition calls from their agents. This is a new day - a new era! The Actor now has the ability to create their own work - enabling them to showcase... more
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Who doesn't love gossip? Come on! You know we all love to hear all about how Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie and now are living "Happily Ever After" with their 20 kids from all around the world! Or how about... more

How fat is too fat and how thin is too thin in Hollywood? We're talking all about the WEIGHT of the issue that seems to be taking over the entertainment industry - Fat vs. Skinny! From Melissa McCarthy to Jennifer Lawrence - we will... more

Celebrate the ONE YEAR Anniversary of the Comedy Girls Show!!! We'll be talking all about DICK!!! Yes, we said DICK - our favorite! In this show, we will drop nothing but FACTS for you - so expect to learn a lot! For instance, how to... more

We completed an entire year of COMEDY GIRLS shows and we're so proud of us! In this show we will reminisce on our year and the year in comedy! We'll also bring the ratchet! Don't worry, we have lots to unload on you! We'll be adding a... more

Your COMEDY GIRLS will be joined by the amazing Freestyle Diva - Lisa Velez-Mello (aka: Lisa Lisa)!!!!! We will be talking all about her life and about what she's doing now - including her role in the new webTV series sitcom... more

YES!!! You guessed it! The Comedy Girls are back and we're talking all about those dirty low down good for nothing CHEATERS! From the dramas of Lucille Ball to the town-hall crying fits of the girl who lives down the block from me! We... more

What does it take to be a comedian? Specifically a female comedian! Do you have to have SUPER POWERS? How does LIFE effect a comedian's life? Why and How do comedians keep hustlin when shit looks bleek? The... more

Join the Comedy Girls as we talk all about.... Hot-ass summer flings.... no relationships.... no flings.... wait - which one is it? We'll tell you! Summer Blockbuster Movies Celebrity Summer Bullshit And we will be joined by our... more

The COMEDY GIRLS are talking about Dating, Relationships and SEX! OH YEAH! We'll be taking callers, giving advice and of course joking on errythang!!!! So if you're one of the lucky guys that has been on our dating roster - WATCH... more