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  • A Conversation With Beth Brubaker

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    Beth Brubaker has big dreams of helping people see the humor and irony in life. Her biggest thrill is to make others laugh, but also come away with a little wisdom. Being a Philly girl has helped her develop a sweet and sometimes snarky sense of humor, and it shows through in everything she does, including her columns, articles, and blog posts. She is currently Assistant editor at Ruby for Women Magazine. She also is a humorist poet and songwriter. Her work has won awards, and her first video was shown at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference as well as the Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference in 2014. She's worked with several magazines including Crafts, Cotton Spice, and Ruby for Women, with an honorable mention in Writer's Digest writing prompts, and four awards at the West Branch Writer's Conference for every category she entered, winning two first place slots for Advanced Poetry and Blog Post, second place for Personal Experience, and third place for Children's Story. Having lived in Philadelphia all her life, she desires to build a strong community. She runs community-wide programs to raise funds for the local Recreation Center, and runs her church's Bread Ministry to help feed local families. Beth has been a Christian since her early twenties, and has been married to her "Knight In Dented Armor" since 1997. Beth is the mother of two teenage children and three cats. Her oldest child has Aspergers, who helps her see things a little differently through his eyes. Beth's passion is the written word, and is developing ways of sharing her brand of humor with the world through poems, songs and stories. She enjoys sharing her struggles and experiences with others, to encourage them to find their own passions and attain what they want out of life- and to find joy and humor along the way.

  • KNOT: A Discussion on Improper Use of Everyday Language

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    How often have you heard a person misuse a word constantly and with confidence? Tonight we will discuss the many ways people misuse language and make fun of them like mean high-schoolers. Why? Because sometimes we just need to have a very fun show with no heavy topic and laugh. So call in and tell us your funniest stories about friends, familiy, or yourself concerning using words completely out of the proper context. It's good laugh at yourself...and other people!

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