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    DamnFoolz Show: Season 3, Ep. 6: Ladies Night, Men-Wants vs. Need

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    Topic: Ladies Night, Men-Wants vs. Needs
    Welcome back to all the DamnFoolz Season 3, Season of the Foolz...
    We are back and better than ever with DamnFoolz Season 3...More Topics, More News, More Gossip, New Hosts and More Foolishness than ever. I hope yall ready.
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    The Commish: SEC! SEC! SEC! Edition

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    We are thankful here at the SHOW for SEC Commish Mike Slive and the great things he has done with College Football's best conference and wish him a great retirement. As a parting gift we'd like to offer our services to him and the conference. To SHOW our respect we will be giving everyone of you in the FATHead Nation a little taste of the awesome changes we would make to the conference to make it even better than it is. You know you want this and so do we! Join us as we give you at least ten reasons why we should be the next commissioners of the SEC!

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    A Conversation With Kenny "Cornbread" Robinson

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    Kenny Lee is Christian stand-up comic and motivational speaker.  He has performed at comedy clubs, churches, corporate events and charities in Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland and DC over the past 15 years as himself and his alter ego “Cornbread the Comic”. Cornbread the Comic is a member of the Christian Comedy Association and the LOL Gospel Comedy Association.
    Kenny Lee was a highway construction engineer and manager for the Virginia Department of Transportation for over 30 years before retiring in 2010. Since retirement he has worked as a highway and bridge construction consultant for local, state and federal government agencies. 
    He was a lead actor at the Lonesome Pine Outdoor Drama during 2003 and 2004 appearing in over 50 shows. 
    Kenny served on the Leadership Team and as Church Treasurer at his church in Waynesboro, VA.  He has served in the past as a deacon/Sunday School teacher and on the board of trustees at churches in Bristol, VA and Wise, VA. 
    Kenny Lee has worked as a newscaster/news-writer for a local radio station, a short order cook, a convenience store manager, farm hand, dishwasher, surveyor, budget analyst and a host of other jobs in the past. 
    Kenny has been an associate producer for several small Christian films including “I Need a Witness Protection”  and “Vanished” both scheduled to be released later this year.    His website is www.cornbreadthecomic.com

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    The Year of Transgender

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    Celebrity hand accidents; Caitlyn Jenner criticized for receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award ESPY award; Lil Wayne shooting; 50 Cent declares bankruptcy; Sharnado 3

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    221: Sam Bennett

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    Sam Bennett is the author of the new book Start Right Where You Are, about how little changes can make a big difference in achieving our goals. She's also an actor who has performed and taught at The Second City in Chicago. Jimmy talks to her about ways improvisers can get unblocked, the importance of self care, and how to deal with the fear of success.

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    THE E.M.H MORNING SHOW with co-hosts Blunt Technics, J EastWood, and SherBear

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    Welcome to the DIRTYBUNNYMOTEL...Free your FART Fridays!!!
    Call us up in studio 347-850-8816 and get on air while we are live...we would love to talk to you...and the sillier the call the better the way we look at it, let loose!!!! Check in time is 7am est until 9. Your host Eric Maverick Herron is a professional singer/fullynudemalestripper/dj/on air personality/filmmaker/and all around crazy guy! 
     BluntTechnics is a world famous producer who has been in Motown for over 20 years. SherBear is the wildest woman on the planet, but is a great mother, we frequently joke about Heranus. J Eastwood is a surfer/skater who is from North Myrtle Beach, and his on the go lifestyle is very interesting. "Senastional cast, and raw unedited fun. I highly recommend you listen to this hilarious show. Most shows are lame, this show is refreshingly funny!!!!" says one listener in NYC.
    Tell your friends, and follow us, also twitter @emackulitt for EMH.This show promises to be a very unique, and entertaining. DUCK MAN-JERRY OLDANI -586-484-5159 -Purchasing for Cash ANTIQUE DUCK DECOYS, FISHING LURES, VINTAGE FISHING. Brought to you by AutoBright Mt clemens Guaranteed financing 586-879-8213-DetroitRemedyClothing.com -EricMaverickHerron.com-Brandon Burke Tattoos/Graphic Artwork 586 850 8626

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    party time

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    its party time

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    Buck Dancing on the coon train!

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    Today's discussion is about Stephen A Smith, and the front he puts on to casual listeners.  Players view him as a sideshow.  He preaches to the "black community" everytime one black athelete fucks up.  Time to call this looser out.   

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    Real Game Radio With Your Host L-DOT and VicDamoane

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    The Hottest Show On BlogTalkRadio.......
    We Are Live Streaming On Two Areas : The One Called LA  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzRP5jmaQ1wg0JvA1JiOeSw
    AND ON VicDamoane Uncut !! http://live.fc2.com/63980978 
    This Ain't A Emotional Show So Leave Your Feelings At The Door........Press That One AND LET'S DO IT !!!! 
    Email vicdamoanethekingoftrolls@gmail.com  

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    Hump Something Day

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    Summer is in full swing...and so is back to school! If I had kids, I would rejoice. I don't have to buy the little shits ant clothes like some of you parents.
    What's news? Same shit, different week.
    Jay-Z and Beyonce are in town for their "On The Run" tour. 
    Football is back...and women are now ignored again.
    I change the way I talk around certain people.
    Beer...nuff said.
    I'm tired of the "no homo," and the "at the end of the day" cliches.
    Black churches sing prayers to God, white churches just kind of non chalantly ask for shit.
    I'm the Mike Tyson of comedy...the coked up, creepy, rapey, eat children Mike Tyson.