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    The Black Mamba is a cool porn star name!

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    Kobe Bryant has an epic last game of his career; Who is the Daddy of Megan Fox's baby?; Lindsay Lohan is engaged; NBA Playoffs

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    Late Night Jamz With Chuck c

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    Tonight 10/19/16 for 30 minsat 11:00 pm eastern time
    open your ears and your hearts for a few slow jamz by
    Chuck C 
    Call 657-383-0458 or just listen to us live via 
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    #3: Elvis + Yo MTV Raps! (w/ Mike Levine)

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    Thank you very much for listening to this episode of Two Packs a Week, the trading card comedy show. Run with our crew, host Geoffrey Golden and special guest Mike Levine (The Onion), as they get all shook up by Elvis and Yo! MTV Raps trading cards. While opening these packs, they discuss whether Elvis named his daughter after his private jet, why Vanilla Ice is the seventh best Ninja Turtles rapper, and find out if Geoffrey and Mike won an all-expense paid trip to watch a live taping of Yo! MTV Raps! (Hint: Get your hopes up!) Now Listen up! To this hilarious episode of Two Packs a Week presented by Meltdown Comics! Follow us on Twitter! Two Packs a Week - https://twitter.com/twopacksaweek Mike Levine - https://twitter.com/bizmichael Geoffrey Golden - https://twitter.com/geoffreygolden Links to check out… Oh, the Flesh You Will Eat! - http://devastatorpress.com/ohtheflesh Credits: Producer - Mason Booker Engineer - Mason Booker Opening Theme by Matt Myers “Biking in the Park” by Lee Rosevere Logo by Kenny Keil Card Images: Elvis Front - https://www.dropbox.com/s/5jpy0lrrj4y9ss1/e003-elvis-front-1.jpeg?dl=0 Elvis Front 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/1wwyyhdndd6pv6h/e003-elvis-front-2.jpeg?dl=0 Elvis Back - https://www.dropbox.com/s/lesnm6vj7v6pb6z/e003-elvis-back-1.jpeg?dl=0 Elvis Back 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ebr56iv0wv4gmhm/e003-elvis-back-2.jpeg?dl=0 Yo! MTV Raps Front - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ui3ixw1a3gpbhe6/e003-yomtv-front-1.jpeg?dl=0 Yo! MTV Raps Front 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8dxostzur92am5p/e003-yomtv-front-2.jpeg?dl=0 Yo! MTV Raps Back - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ycdzdxhxjf07jz/e003-yomtv-back-1.jpeg?dl=0 Yo! MTV Raps Back 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/raa9v8zl1f2dxsf/e003-yomtv-back-2.jpeg?dl=0

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    Roosevelt Cartwright - Oprah Winfrey Show Emmy Nominated Make-Up Artist

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    (((StevieMack@NightRadio)))™ Comedian Stevie Mack interviews Roosevelt Cartwright, one of America’s most sought-after makeup artists of our generation. He has credits in theater (Broadway’s original production of Dream Girls, television (The Women of Brewster’s Place) and film (Meet The Browns, The Family That Preys, etc). But he is most known for his Emmy Award nominated work of 20+ years as the personal makeup artist to the queen of television, Oprah Winfrey! Regular show times: Mon.-Thur.6pm (PST) Live call in line here: (646)716-6113

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    Episode 1 - Crash

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    Back in 2010 two amateur treasure hunters and documentary film makers, Alan Linic and Robert Bacon, went searching for the treasure of Nortre Dame de Deliverance, but they would never return home. Six years later the site of their plane crash and subsequent living quarters were discovered, but they were no where to be found. In their makeshift hut on the island we discovered 8 tapes that they recorded to document their struggles and strange happenings on the island. These 8 tapes seem to be from a series of 40 separate recordings, but so far the recovery team has only been able to find these 8 episodes. After discussions with the Linic and Bacon families we have decided to release these episodes to the public all at once to share their story and hopefully find more information. Episode 1 is the first recording that they made on the island shortly after the crash. We discover much about what caused the crash and the fait of their pilot. Ladies and gentlemen this is Podcastaway.

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    Ep. 143 Arise Chicken

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    Monty and the Mongoose and Hannibal talk about Supernatural just to see if hannibal's watched it yet. 

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    Frantic, 1988

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    In a hotel room in Paris, a doctor comes out of the shower and finds that his wife has disappeared. He soon finds himself caught up in a world of intrigue, espionage, gangsters, drugs and murder.
    Director: Roman Polanski
    Writers: Roman Polanski
    Stars: Harrison Ford, Betty Buckley, Emmanuelle Seigner

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    The Ha Ha Men show Faith and Comedy!

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    In hour 1 expereinced improvision comedians Ryan McChesney and Dave Ebert discuss the birthday of the United States, What they're favorite thing about living in America is. Play US trivia.Take calls your calls with your plans on th 4th of the July. 
    They will perform improv and sketch comedy in the 2nd hour, taking suggestion from your facebook post

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    TED Episode 62 - Road TED

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    On the road again. Shawn can’t wait to get on the road again. This week’s show was recorded the day before Thanksgiving and Shawn was coming back to Sarasota from Atlanta. Trevor and Jimie (aka Professor Racism), calling in from Detroit, maintain a conversation with Shawn via Skype connection to his new fancy car. Topics discussed are wide, from Atheism to Ronda Rousey, even when Shawn’s connection goes out when he hits rural Georgia. #Yallcomebacknowyahear