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Comedian Billy Bo Laugh Chat

Comedian Billy Bo Laugh Chat


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Come laugh with me and at me, as I take you on a short journey of past and current events, all with a comic flair!

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The great Robin Williams is gone...nothing more needs to be said. Anyone notice that Lauren Bacall also passed away? Probably not. Now we've sent special forces into Iraq to kick IS ass. I guess we have a love affair with Iraq and... more

Summer is in full swing...and so is back to school! If I had kids, I would rejoice. I don't have to buy the little shits ant clothes like some of you parents. What's news? Same shit, different week. Jay-Z and Beyonce are in town for their "On... more

Should men return used underwear like women return used blouses after a night at the club? I ALWAYS reply, when I get a "do not reply" email. I love pissing people off. Tourettes is just an excuse to curse in church, while making the kids... more

Today...I do my show from my shower. Why are people so against hummus lately? I think it tastes great! If your girl wants a threesome with two guys...buy a Jeff Dunham puppet! Finished somewhere in the bottom 5 at the comedy show... more

Another Malaysian airplane has an episode. Obama said a few words, not much else. I cought a snippet of the new Mike Tyson rap song. Are police really that needy? So...Hamas shoots rockets at Israel, Israel responds. Hamas pushes... more

I talk . That should be all you need to know, but I'll have more topics. We're being invaded by hair mites, tuberculosis, scabies...they're attached to kids and gangbangers from central america. Palestine vs. Israel...the kid with rocks,... more

Yeah, around the world, the pride parades were going on. And low and behold, San Francisco had some bouts of violence mixed in...how nice. Teens were dressed with ass cheeks hanging out. How did I know they were teens? My... more

Been trying to schedule this damn show for about an hour now, finally got it done! Tonoght, I talk bullshit about people who take vacations, and want to Facefucktime or WhatsApp with their people back home. Stupid ass people... more

Do you watch docs? Great material in someone else's pain and misery. Is there a family or community of people who talk like the voicebox? Do they all wear crooked ski masks or bandannas? Meth always makes white people look like... more

Is this supposed to be a bad day because they made movies about it? I talk about the many ways of saying "Fuck Me!" No going political today...my expertise is offending people, not telling them who to vote for. My neighbor is singing... more