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Comedian Billy Bo Laugh Chat

Comedian Billy Bo Laugh Chat


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Come laugh with me and at me, as I take you on a short journey of past and current events, all with a comic flair!

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Those that know me, know why I have to shave my beard. I could have an opportunity to grow it back. What's bigger news than Russia wiping ISIS off the map? Lamar Odom and the Kartrashians. Seems he passed out from too much... more

A man in India chopped his wife's head off, then walked around with it before he was arrested. He said he was window chopping with his wife. How did the women that Bill Cosby allegedly have sex with, know what he was doing? The were... more

No matter what you want to believe, people lost their lives, their loved ones, and we were all changed forever. Now, let's get to the lighter side of life...comedy. Drake is working out...now he can forcibly choke a woman as he singe to her... more

I had the day off...did you? While your alarm went off early, I used the restroom, and went back to sleep. Nikki Minaj called Miley Cyrus a Bitch, and the internet is blowing up! I bet if it were the other way around, Miley records would be pulled... more

This is comedy. Sometime political, sometimes not. Can't take the heat and the truth? Don't listen. Just saw Straight Outta Compton...go see that now! Shaun King is white? Who didn't know that? But he claimed he was black...Rachal... more

This is a re-broadcast of yesterday's show. This is the conclusion to the Best Of series, at least for this month. Sit back and enjoy, before you start blowing your fingers off and drinking on the 4th! Will you be celbrating or working? I'll be... more

You know what to do, loyal followers! Click play and listen to clips from past shows! People celebrating Ramadan are just now waking up...sort of like rock stars. I was in the middle of writing a joke, and suddenly thought "this is... more

The second part of my "Best Of" series. After the intro, just click on the "Play" icon, and enjoy the show! You can pause it and grab a snack, rewind it just in case you couldn't understand my sloppy diction. Arranged, produced,... more

The "Best Of..." series of shows begin an all new season of Billy Borrelli's Laugh Chat! Each clip is inttroduced by show title and number, as well as the clip description. Enjoy the upcoming "Best Of" shows, which will conclude with Part... more

Drinko de Mayo anyone? The dirty family is moving, with their non-stop barking dogs. HALEFALLUJAH! Why does the same naked man, lurk in the gym locker room everytime I'm there? Hey old guy, I don't want to sit in the sauna with you... more