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Comedian Billy Bo Laugh Chat

Comedian Billy Bo Laugh Chat


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Come laugh with me and at me, as I take you on a short journey of past and current events, all with a comic flair!

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Babies will be made, and wives will be beat. All because of a game. Drunk drivers will be all over the road. Driving while high on weed or other drugs is the same thing. Don't be a bahstad! Peyton Manning has an annoying weirdly deep... more

Daniel Day Lewis starts for the Broncos this week for his record 4th Academy Award! Daniel Day Lewis is in the remake of the Godfather as Don Vito Plainview. Cast Robert DeNiro as Vito in the remake! Tommy Chong wants... more

New year's resolution people are flooding the gym. I wish they would fall off by February so I can use the machines again. New Year New Me...no, same fake ass as last year, and the year before. My roommate is yelling at the tv at the... more

People are paying bills for folks this Christmas...someone pay my site(s) bill(s) for me! Star Wars: General Ackbar...first name Allahu! People take selfies of selfies, during sex, while at a checkstand. GG Allin was a crazy damn punk rock... more

Now's the time to give some up to the lonely mailroom guy. It's cold on the west coast, but warm on the east coast. El Nino is here...or as I like to call it, that angry Mexican kid next door. Did you know you're a racist if you dare disagree with... more

ISIS is here, so let's welcome them to our land by giving the gift that keeps on giving...hot lead. Muslim Mosque members said they are in shock that the guy they worshipped with went on a killing spree. Meanwhile, the rest of the US... more

I haved my beard off...suddenly it's like I cut my balls off as well. Maybe I'll do a Bruce Jenner and wear a wig...then I'll be a hero again! ALWAYS shave November! I can't stand the bear cliques. Keep ya gat damn combs and oils...I'll... more

People are upset that Starbucks made plain red cups for the holidays. SO! At least they aren't putting ISIS flags on them! Besides, Starbucks is shitty sewar water coffee. Missouri students are protesting racial events from the school.... more

It's Friday, time to unwind with shots of tequila! Let's see how the show goes! Houston is trying to pass a proposition to allow trandgenders to use their opposing restrooms. Sally Firld has come in to promote it...why? Have you found someone... more

Get ready to cuddle and listen to my voice as I serenade you with laughter. Tell your man that I'm straight and not curious. I'm flattered though, but you two should make babies after this broadcast. The Kardashians are always in the news, as... more