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Comedian Billy Bo Laugh Chat


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Come laugh with me and at me, as I take you on a short journey of past and current events, all with a comic flair!

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Hey, how's the workweek going? Summer is in full bloom! Back at the gym after a ton of years, and clothes have gotten smaller...on the men. Are people still watching any of those Scared Straight shows? How are the riots going? Proof is... more

Summer is in full swing...and so is back to school! If I had kids, I would rejoice. I don't have to buy the little shits ant clothes like some of you parents. What's news? Same shit, different week. Jay-Z and Beyonce are in town for their "On... more

Yes, I did! I was usual. Time for some more Monday night fun! Bay To Breakers...the laughing stock event of the running season. Why do people with the shittiest breath, stand the closest to talk to you? I wonder if Jay Z's lips are... more

I'm off! So let's get together and have a few laughs and discuss how are Monday was! My neighbor is listening to online tejano music, with the commercials in English. Pimp slaps hoe on Market Street...nothing unusual. Whi is it when I... more

Fresh from a local comedy competition, I'm again, going to talk crap about what's going on in the world. Call in and tell me a little about yourself as well. What happened to the Warriors? What happened to the Sharks...again? What's on tv?... more

Donald Sterling...yes, that guy. Where is that plane? Smart phone games...oh how we love thee.

I don't want to see anyone get fired, but if you smoke weed...and claim it's because of "cataracts,' welcome to EDD benefits. Google glasses? Why yes, I'll knock them off of your privacy invading fatty face. Mail carriers are not like they... more

What's up March babies! I know a lot of folks born this month, including myself! Party with me and enjoy some quotes from some famous people.

Why didn't Matthew McConaughey gey a huge standing ovation during his acceptance speech? Why do athiests hate what other people believe in so much? Why don't ahiests go after Muslims? Buddhists? Is Daniel Day Lewis really... more

While bill is out playing a gig,I will be going over the week's events and other unimportant topics with a little humor.