Let's get the facts straight about Teens and Marijuana

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Columbia Psychiatry NYSPI

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Greg Tau, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry & Shannon Gulliver Casperson, MD, Mphil Chielf Resident, NYPH Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Training Program    

Marijuana is used by nearly half of teenagers in the USA. This drug contains psychoactive compounds that can affect thinking, feelings and behavior. Teenagers’ attitudes and beliefs about Marijuana often come from personal experiences, convictions, lore, or information obtained from pseudo-authoritative sources. It is well known that teenagers’ decisions to begin and continue using marijuana are influenced by the attitudes and beliefs of peers, adults in their lives, media figures, and lawmakers, and less so from objective data. It is therefore important to educate ourselves and teens about the medical and scientific facts of marijuana.  In this blog radio program, we will answer important questions about marijuana and teens. We will cover important information about patterns of marijuana use by teens, the effects of marijuana on the maturing brain, and the effects of policy on marijuana use by teens. We will also talk more broadly about addiction, adolescent brain development, mental health in adolescence, and how to talk to teens about marijuana.      


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