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Tony Reeves

The COLOR Commentary


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"The Color Commentary: giving our own commentary. In color and in context" Too often the phrase "we need to have a discussion about Race" gets lost in translation. Our communities, divided by race and culture but unified and united by common goals, socioeconomic status, and political agendas, don't realize that the discussion to understanding starts with a simple conversation. A Simple commentary placed in proper context. Our team focuses, discusses, and debates every day topics from different cultural perspectives. The goal is to bring greater insight and encourage people to obtain a better understanding of our communities.

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In many open forums, discussions, and arenas dealing with race relations, we will routinely hear someone say ?we need to have an open discussion about race?. But what does that even mean? Is everything open for discussion? Does that... more

The Social Security Disability process can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. During that time, you may be asked to complete the same forms mulitiple times. Unfortunately, most people get frustrated thinking SSA is asking... more

The Social Security Disability application process.is a long and frustrating process. It can be difficult. What is more difficult is the possibility that there are times during the process when there is no need to update you on your case. In... more

Do you truly understand what your medical records mean? When you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, do you have any idea of whether your medical records support your limitations? Listen to this podcast as we talk about... more

Tune in tonight as we have a more in-depth discussion regarding the "BLACK LIVE MATTER" movement and a discussion regarding the fast past Politics of today.

Two Hot Topics: 1) Racisim in Schools A recent picture circulating around social media showing six white girls in Arizona posing with the "N" word spelled out on their t-shirts has caused quite a firestorm. What does this inicident, and... more

We were just talking the situation in Oregon in our last show. We can't go any further without talking about the President.....and the Presidency. President Obama took executive action on guns. It was quite a speech during which he... more

It's hard to talk about the relationship between law enforcement and the black community without considering the parallels with what's going on in Oregon right now. You have these guys who call themselves patriots effectively taking over... more

It's important to remember that when you are filing a complaint regarding discrimination that you focus on the facts. However, it is natural for anyone to be upset shortly after being subjected to any form of retaliation or discrimination.... more
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