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Why are you talking to her? Thats my cousin. Why can't I go with yall? We grew up togther. Nothing is going on were just friends. All these things have lead us to this question Can Men & Women be friends? Well can they? We don't know... more

Is marriage really thought of this way (Till death do us part)? Or is it more about how much money you got. How much sex you giving me. Maybe its about your a good catch so Im gonna lock you down. Tell us what your thoughts are when it... more

It happens, you read all the books now its time to put it into play. What are you going to do with this person your are feeling? Are gonna make them wait or are you gonna give it up? Lets talk about the different feelings and acts that... more

Well most of us where beaten as a child. But whats the difference between child abuse and a good old fashion but thrashing? We all know abuse in not only physical, so what about mental abuse? How does it affect a child? Also there is... more

Well look what we have here. In the Red corner in her stilletos, we have Wonder Woman In the Blue corner in his silk boxers, we have Mega Man Ok ladies in gentleman lets take it there. Who puts in the work in the bed room, Men or... more

Are you married? Are you single? Who really lives the good life? Lets go all the way in on this topic and see which life style you really want. We want to know the good and the not so good of both life styles. Call in and give us your view......

Same Sex, opposite sex, does it really matter if your friends? Is the world only set to recognize you as friends if you are the same sex? What is a friend? Come sit on the stoop with us as we discuss this very thing. We are looking forward... more

History, you will only get a small portion of it if you decide to only listen to what is told. Research is key, discussions are necessary to continue to promote education of Americas history. We would not have to have Black History month if... more

Ok so it 2013 and we almost a month in You said that this was gonna be your year to change You said you were gonna save more money You said you were gonna lose weight You said you were gonna be a better person Well whatever... more

"BULLYING" Have you been bulled? Have you bulled someone? Have you witnessed bullying? Well lets talk about it. Is it different from when you was growing up versus current day? We will have a full discussion on this topic.... more