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Collaboration Pizza

Collaboration Pizza: The E2.0 Talk Show


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Host Chris Coleman interviews authors, analysts and experts about knowledge sharing at work. Lively conversations with people using social technology to do stuff that matters. Thursdays 3:30pm ET, download anytime. Executive producer: Aparna Sharma (aparna@collaborationpizza.com)

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Has your intranet turned into a black hole? A repository for useless stuff nobody can find even if they want to? David Gwyn, vice president of R&D and collaboration for HighPoint Solutions, had the same problem. Working nights... more

How does work get done in your company? Odds you don’t really know, and nobody else does either. Sure, you’ve got operations manuals and best practices, but reality just isn’t that clear-cut. On paper, a map of the human interactions... more

Virtual meetings have two big advantages over the face-to-face kind: they save on travel costs, and we can catch up on our email while the air hogs ramble on. It’s no secret. Most of us multitask (or nap) during teleconferences. But really,... more

Question: How many SharePoint consultants does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Answer: How many can you afford? Joe Mack, a veteran of more than 80 SP engagements, doesn't fit that stereotype. If a $99 plug-in makes sense, he's the... more

When three-time author Phil Simon started his latest book, he didn’t even consider mainstream publishers, whose production cycles stretch to a year or more. Instead, he turned to an online community for funding, and the money rolled in... more

Trust. When you’re building a collaborative team, it trumps everything—and without it, even brains and talent don’t count for much. That’s Pat Lefler’s take, and based on his credentials, he knows a thing or two about winning teams: the Wharton... more

Every employee in the world asks three questions. Where is it? Where can I put this so others can find it? Who can help me get my job done? Facebook isn’t the answer. Neither are traditional “knowledge management” systems. According to... more

Are you tweeting when you could be microblogging? Emailing when wiki-ing makes more sense? With so many choices out there, it’s tempting to pick one social media tool and use it all the time. Don’t do it, says Bill Ives. You get better... more

Didi Dellano has more than 100 IT deployments under her belt. As director of business development for Denver-based Tempus Nova, (www.tempusnova.com) she specializes in migrating Fortune 100 and government clients to... more
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