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Coffee With Terry

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On Tuesday's at 1p.m. EST, Awaken the possibilities in YOU as Certified Success Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Trainer, Terry Wildemann, hosts guests from around the world who share inspiring business and Law of Attraction stories about how they found their passionate work and the difference it makes in the lives of others. Terry is a co-author of the International Bestseller "Success In HIgh Heels" and "Unlock the Power Of You." "Hot Mama In High Heels" releases in Fall 2013.

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Our guest is Prema Lee Gurreri, Life Purpose Mentor, Vedic Astrologer & Spiritual Guide. Prema Lee will be discussing living your true purpose and mission from the inside out by navigating from the blueprint of your soul and will answer... more

Our guest is Kristen Eckstein, Chief Book Officer at "The Ultimate Book Coach", CEO of parent company Imagine! Studios, LLC. Kristen will be discussing creating a book to bring you business and will answer for us the following questions:... more

Our guest is Bernadette Boas, CEO, founder and creator of our megabrand and movement - Shedding the Bitch. Bernadette will be discussing shifting from Bitch to Rich and will answer for us the following questions: 1. How did... more

Our guest is Steve Frampton, a Psychic Medium and Hermetic Astrologer. Steve will be discussing The Magic of Metaphysics and will answer for us the following questions: 1) How can we use metaphysics to understand ourselves and our... more

It's July 4th this week and what is more appropriate than a show about how to achieve freedom using Law of Attraction techniques to attract more wealth, health and FREEDOM in your career and life. Coffee With Terry host and Certified... more

Our guest is Belinda Rosenblum, CPA and Wealth Expert. Belinda will be discussing Funding Your Dream Life and will answer for us the following questions: 1) How do most people view money, and what is the impact? 2) How... more

Our guest is Nancy Meadows of Nancy Meadows Interior Design and Consulting. She will be discussing how environment affects our psyche. 1) Defining environment 2) The benefits that a "just right" home can give our whole being in... more

Our guest is Margo DeGange, M.Ed., Business and LifeStyle Designer and the Founder of Women of Splendor, Creator of The Brilliant-Biz Formula and The Certified Interior Environment Coaching Program. Margo will be discussing How... more

Our guest is Nat Couropmitree, Business Healer of Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Resource Center, LLC. Nat will be discussing how to Get Rid of the Lack Virus to Live Life YOUR Way and will answer for us the following questions: 1) What... more

Our guest is Christine Marmoy, CEO and founder of Coaching and Success. She will be discussing the launching of the book, "Success in High Heels". Innovative Global Speaker, a Creative Edge Marketing Mentor and a Dream Team... more