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Coffee With Terry

Coffee With Terry

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Our guest is Ava Diamond of BigImpactSpeaking.com. Ava will be discussing public speaking and profits and will answer for us the following questions:

1. Why is it critical that entrepreneurs get out and speak? Why does Ava emphasize that for business owners?

2. Why does Ava say it is the fastest path to clients and cash?

3. Ava emphasizes speaking and selling from the stage. What is the one thing you need to know about your audience before you ever get up on stage? What is a speech that sells?

Ava Diamond is a speaking mentor and messaging strategist, and is the founder of Big Impact Speaking. She has created such programs as Speak Your Way to Clients and Cash, and the Rock Your Speaking Academy. A professional speaker for seventeen years, she helps entrepreneurs rock their speaking so they expand their influence and reach, become known as the "go-to" expert in their field, and get all the clients they want.


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